The family legacy continues at renowned 26 Braised Beef joint.

braised beef rice bowl at yih sahp luhk

The family legacy continues at renowned 26 Braised Beef joint.

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Signature Short Rib Rice Bowl

Succulent Braised Beef Bowls at Yik Sahp Luhk

We love the Bangkok street food scene and it’s abundance of options. But it’s the family run shophouse stories of old recipes taken through the generations that make us go the extra mile to eat.

Yih Sahp Luhk, also known as 26 Braised Beef, is one such place. The original destination being the legendary noodle house, Nai Soie Beef Noodle over on Phra Athit Road a 40 years old establishment that have been keeping hungry wanderers satiated due to their rich broth and moreish dishes.  

But to appeal to a larger audience, Owner/ Chef Tee has taken his mothers recipes and modernised her food with popularity showing now with his 3rd establishment opening in the bustling Sukhumvit area of Phrom Pong.

Alongside Chef Tee is Khun Phueng, Co-founder of the restaurant chain. They opened their original branch of 26 Braised Beef in 2017 after having worked at his mothers noodle shop and Khun Phueng studying and working in Hong Kong respectively.


Kobe Beef Bao Bun

It’s this experience from the duo that has outfitted the retro little restaurant with green walls and moody lights giving it much charm and the feel of an authentic Chinese hole in the wall. 

Yih Sahp Luhk translates in Cantonese as ‘easy to cook’ and can also mean the number 26. Chef Tee tells us that whilst many of the recipes come from his mothers shop, many elements have been elevated and adjusted to make Yih Sahp Luhk unique. 

Their signature claypot rice is his own recipe and was a showstopper for us with its tender beef strips and well seasoned rice. The addition of premium ingredients like Kobe Beef make the food not only comforting but an experience great tasting produce at reasonable prices. 

The Braised Short Ribs literally melts in your mouth and sits wonderfully on top of a bed of baked rice served with a side of traditional chilli sauce dip. We also tried the Ox tongue which is mouth wateringly succulent. 

Alongside these Hong Kong inspired dishes are the Kobe Beef Bao Bun and how could we not finish off the meal with the Hong Kong style Egg Waffle or Fried Bao Bun with Peanut and Honey Sauce both served with a dollop of Fresh Milk Ice-Cream. 

We look forward to visiting next time to dig into some Bao buns and also try their Hotate Scallops rice bowl!

For more information on 26 Braised Beef/ Yih Sahp Luhk head over to their profile here.

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