Arcade of Dreams,
Chim Chim's New Look

Written by Wariya Intreyonk

July 31, 2022

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Early July 2022, Chim Chim at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok launched the second instalment of its In Residence Art Program, The “Arcade of Dreams” Exhibition, collaborating with local artist Pomme Chan and Happy People Studio.

For this exhibition, Pomme Chan and Happy People Studio created an array of illustrations inspired by nostalgic yet vivid 80s and 90s, giving an interactive and immersive art experience that takes Gen X-ers and Gen Y-ers back to their childhood while people from other generations can appreciate it.

The 1980s brought Tachamapan Chanchamrassang, aka Pomme Chan, into contact with Japanese manga comics and anime shows, which sparked her passion for drawing. Today she is one of Thailand’s most internationally-renowned illustrators.

Happy People Studio
Pomme Chan and Happy People Studio. [Photo credit: Chim Chim]

The ‘Arcade of Dreams’ exhibition comes with a new special menu. Thai Tea, Coffee Gelée Croissant is a croissant with coffee gelée inside that balances the sweet, rich Thai Tea cream.

Mango, Coconut Rice And Caramel Cruffin is a classic Thai mango sticky rice reincarnated as a western pastry. The rice is made into riz au lait (rice pudding), stuffed inside a cruffin and decorated with mango and caramel.

Kanom Chan Millefeuille With Coco Sorbet is a twist on Thai dessert, Khanom Chan, and French dessert, Millefeuille.

There are six new special drinks on this menu. Three are non-alcoholic drinks, and the other three are alcoholic. 80’s Flashback, a drinking yoghurt blended with Pipo jelly topped with whipped cream, is colourful and nostalgic.

Jackstone, a Biodiversi-tea Green Tea mixed with Elderflower Syrup garnished with whipped cream, pine nuts, pandan leaf and chrysanthemum, is an aroma blast in a glass.

Pink Cassette, a yuzu juice mixed with red Haleʼs Blue Boy syrup topped with soda and garnished with loads of rainbow gummy, is another refreshing nostalgic drink. Chimmers Just Wanna Have Fun is a dark rum-based cocktail mixed with Lemoncello, fresh lemon juice and soda. It’s intense yet refreshing.

Contra is a rum cocktail containing luscious milk, zesty lime juice and syrup. It’s a boozy milkshake. Lastly, the CC Player is a vodka-based cocktail that is a good mix of sweet and sour using honey and lime juice.

New Cocktail Selection. [Photo credit: Chim Chim]
Mango Coconut Rice and Caramel Cruffin. [Photo credit: Chim Chim]

Chim Chim is a place where people can indulge food and art simultaneously. It creates space for artists and the public to interact. If artists need a place to exhibit their work, they can contact the restaurant via e-mail:

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