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Mia Restaurant with Amy Diener

Written by Gastronomer Lifestyle team

September 19, 2022

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In collaboration with Amy Diener, a Bangkok-based artist from New York, guests will be able to enjoy an exclusive art and fine dining lunch on September 24th and 25th. Her paintings feature vibrant dotwork paintings inspired by the colours and patterns she encounters on her travels.

Sacred geometry, the Fibonacci sequence, as well as the cosmos are all influences on her artwork. Having struggled with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) for a long time, she uses art to release anxiety through meditative processes. Through mindfulness practices and art, Amy aims to increase awareness about mental health and reduce stigma. She sees herself as the gateway between her mesmerising paintings and the mental health community.


Top and Michelle’s 5-course tasting menu will showcase Amy’s inspiration and offer a different take on the usual snacks.

Among the highlights are Mia’s delicious North Sea Crab Dish served with Ajo Blanco sauce and paper-thin grape slices. An impressive centrepiece of Hay Aged Duck paired with summer apples, red endives, and blackberries. The classic Almond Financier with Cheesecake Cream and Rhubarb is available during this season in four different forms: poached, gel, compote, and rhubarb sorbet.

The lunch menu is priced at 3,250++ baht, Mia will be donating 10% of the food profits to the artist’s charity of her choice, Freedom Restoration Project, a non-profit organisation that empowers women, promoting safety and a network of support. At the same time, original and exclusive paintings from the artist will be available for purchase and 10% of the revenue will be donated to the previously mentioned organisation.

Guests can enjoy a wine pairing experience of five glasses carefully chosen to complement the dishes, giving them a feel of Mia’s carefully selected wine cellar, which features more than 115 labels of old and new-age wines.

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