Ask kickers Briskets & Bourbon

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A homely spot in the heart of Ekkami 12, Ash Kickers Briskets & Bourbon is a classic example of an American barbecue smokehouse having fun outside the states. The large neighborhood venue is spread over 2 floors of a renovated stately home. Warmly lit trees with strings of light bulbs illuminate the outdoor terrace, kitted out with long bespoke wooden tables, the type of place you want to sit with your family and friends as you fill the spaces with plates of wings, ribs, and fries. We recently met up with the owner, and Chef, Colin to discuss his love of the craft and test out his menu.



ash kickers meat platter
photo credit: Ash Kickers FB

‘Low and Slow’ is the name of the game


Tucking into one of their monstrously generous “Up in Smoke” platters we learned of the traditional cooking practices that go into play. ‘Low and Slow’ is the name of the game. over low heat, generated from a blend of Thai orchard woods, the meats are smoked for 6 – 16 hours. We did love the Beef Brisket and we have to admit despite its long time of cooking its a hell of a juicy piece of meat, the slightly charred outside gives it that bit of texture you need when chewing away and it pairs deliciously with their smoked beans. Alongside the Brisket, the platter is piled with AK pork ribs, Beef Shorty, smoked veggies and chicken wings. 


All that carnivorous delight had to be paired with a variety of sides and this is where Ash Kickers does superbly. Cheesy grits and jalapeno cornbread were our favorites alongside their homemade Lacto fermented hot sauce! You can see the experience and experimentation from Chef Colin in his food especially with the brine wash in some of the meats, which although nice might be a little salty for some. 


Ash Kickers also prides itself on its great selection of Bourbons and craft beers. Evan Williams is their house pour and they use it to mix up some classic cocktails like the old fashioned and manhattans. We were even told of a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, won in an auction! If you know, then you know…


We will be sure to head over sometime again, especially if we have a large group so we can book up the garden and relax, it should also be mentioned that Ash Kickers have a selection of smoked veggie platters and salads so your vegan/ vegetarian friends won’t be disappointed!

If this sounds like a place you want to check out then book
here through our special link. Or check out their Facebook page here


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