Baking Confidence:
Q&A with The Rolling Pinn

Written by Gastronomer Lifestyle

March issue ‘Fine Dining’, 2023 

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To her friends and family, she’s Pinn Janvatanavit. But to her nearly 60k followers on Instagram, she’s The Rolling Pinn, a homegrown brand of decadent cakes and cookies. Pinn started The Rolling Pinn in 2018, turning a long-time hobby into a business. Over the last five years, her baked creations have captured the hearts of local sweet tooths, not only with their delicious flavours but also eye-catching marketing. Gastronomer Lifestyle talks to Pinn about her famous desserts and how she designed “BKK’s Sexiest Bakery”.


What was the first product that introduced your brand to the public eye?
The Rolling Pinn’s first product was the Mama OG. It’s a chewy, buttery cookie made with dark Valrhona chocolate and toasted walnuts, sprinkled with sea salt. I wanted to deliver the ultimate #cookieclimax experience that hit the spot every time the customer took a bite. I also wanted to make a bold and sexy statement, so I chose the name Mama OG, intending for it to be the “mama” of all cookies.

Besides your cookies, you are known for your aesthetic cakes. What is your approach to cake design?
I dream of what customers would want for each occasion. For example, for Christmas, I think the Christmas tree is the most symbolic thing for Thai people, who are my main customers. A Christmas tree cake would make the perfect festive dinner table centrepiece. The cake has to be bold, and it has to be photogenic. That’s what captures people.

How have you carved this niche for yourself in the market?
I think something that sets me apart is the brand’s pinkness, boldness, and personal branding. Our cakes have bold designs, and we have our signature pink packaging that makes us visually unique. I occasionally include my story and myself in the campaign as well, to make my brand personal.

Speaking of bold and unique designs, can we talk about that famous selfie cake (Selfie Queen)—where did the idea come from?
I wanted to design the most photogenic cake. Whenever people see themselves in the mirror, they cannot help but look and snap a photo. So that’s what makes the selfie cake the most photogenic cake: people will naturally snap a photo when they catch their reflection in my cake.

Do you have a personal favourite item on your menu?
My favourite is actually our newest item, the Mango Passion Fruit Cheese Pie. I love the combination of passion fruit and mango. They go very well together. The two fruits married with our signature cheese pie recipe results in a decadent dessert that’s not too heavy to finish.

If there’s one word to describe your brand, what would it be?

Why “confidence”?
Baking taught me grit and perseverance. In my youth, it also gave me the confidence to come out of my shell and make friends. I’m so happy that I have been able to turn this passion and something which has given me so much into a career. So with The Rolling Pinn, I want to empower other women to be more confident and follow their passion as well.

See Pinn’s confident creations at or at IG @therollingpinn.

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