Sticky pork in glass dish at Dai Lou

Dai Lou modernises Traditional
Chinese Cuisine with New Menu

Written by Christopher Menning 

July 10, 2022

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Having undergone an eight-month renovation, Dai Lou is back offering a brand new menu. Executive Chef Wasan Jitjaroonruang showcases international cooking techniques and playful presentation with a series of new dishes. In this modern Chinese restaurant, classic dishes are reimagined in a stylish setting perfect for relaxing with friends or family on a weekend.

Scallop on orange surrounded by smoke ice

The Ari establishment looks to redefine Chinese cuisine without breaking traditions, taking inspiration from Hong Kong island. You will find that many of the dishes on the menu will be familiar, but presented in a unique way. You can expect delicacies from across Asia due to the focus on high quality ingredients.

Crispy golden pork belly and deep fried BBQ pork taro puff are great additions. Dry ice is used to present the mandarin scallop in an impressive way. For those wanting something to warm the soul then the delicious Szechuan hot and sour soup is the way to go. In addition to classic sharing dishes like whole crispy peking duck, guests can choose from a wide variety of tasty dim sum. Choosing something new every time is easy when you have over 22 carefully curated options at your disposal.

two chinese buns with radish

The drinks program needs to be mentioned as well, with Kenny Thianthong providing his expertise. The strong Chinese food pairs perfectly with Asian spirits and cocktails such as the Oolong highball. Something oddly creative is also the Mala Milkshake! Spicy yet also quite moreish. Furthermore, Dai Lou has a wide selection of loose leaf teas available for purchase.

Tea highball with green leaf garnish at Dai Lou

To book now head over to their booking link or contact them with the following details: 

Phone: 02-1036566


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