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From the Scottish Sea to the Thai Gulf, Hendrick’s New Neptunia Officially Arrives in Thailand

Written by Wariya Interyonk

June 1, 2022

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Hendricks Neptunia

On 31st May 2022, Hendrick’s Neptunia reached the shores of Thailand, making its debut at the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. This latest release from Hendrick’s Cabinet of Curiosities offers a stimulating experience fueled by wonders from the ocean.

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As the Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie, strolled along the beaches of Hendrick’s Gin Palace grounds in southwest Scotland, the entrancing melody of waves captured her attention. It served as the inspiration for the name Hendrick’s Neptunia.

The Neptunia is unmistakably Hendrick’s, awash in roses and cucumber, with added depth and flavour from its mysterious blend of Scottish coastal botanicals. By capturing the feel of being by the water, it serves as the ideal anchor for refreshing encounters like weekend escapes.

Most of my creations are based on memories – I play around with botanicals and combine them to recreate certain sensations. Hendrick’s Neptunia for me is that freeing feeling of the sea in a bottle. You have that distinctive fresh character of coastal herbs, scents from the sea botanicals and an unmistakably clean, bright citrus finish. This lifts and lightens in a round, refreshing way that makes it Hendrick’s.” Said, Master Distiller.


At the launch event, Charmaine Thio, Southeast Asia Brand Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, took the guests and media on the journey of the Neptunia. A product inspired by the magic of the sea. It is no surprise that Hendrick’s is eager to bring attention to one of the least known but most powerful groups of organisms that inhabit the bottom of the sea: seagrass. Saving seagrass means saving Thai seas. Charmaine introduced the guests and media to the representative of Save Andaman Network, an organisation that makes it its mission to protect the coastal ecosystem in the lower Andaman sea of Thailand – Krabi, Trang and Satun, who explained why seagrass is significant.


Seagrass meadows sequester and store carbon, helping the world to mitigate the effects of climate change. They also provide shelter and food for sea creatures from small sea critters to large fish, crabs, turtles, manatees and birds.

The party concluded with a toast in front of the sculpture evoking the outlines and forms of a manta ray, a sea turtle and a whale. The sculpture was made by local artist, Akegaluk Sagaew.

Not only does Hendrick’s make refined gin, but it also raises awareness and funds to support charity partner, Project Seagrass, in Scotland where Hendrick’s Neptunia was inspired.

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