Honeycomb Rum Recipe

Honeycomb Rum

How to Make Honeycomb Rum

Honeycomb is a true marvel of nature. A mass of hexagonal cells is created with wax and used to store honey and larvae for the humble bee. The Honeycomb is actually edible too and has a unique texture.

We can also class this as a wax wash due to the mouthful found after infusing in your chosen alcohol. An aged rum, like Doorlys XO, has a delicious flavour profile that very much suits honeycomb. The sweet spices and tropical fruit found is a beautiful marriage.

Similar to bee pollen, honeycomb can be purchased online all year round. But for that extra personal twist, I would definitely use some from a local beekeeper.

A note on Bees

It should be noted that honeycomb is always safely extracted from hives without causing any harm to the bees. The Honeycomb is extracted with safe practices and it does encourage the bees to produce new honeycomb in replacement of old.

However, worldwide bee colony collapse is not so much of a mystery.

There has always been a natural winter die-off rate however these numbers are becoming drastically high. The US alone has lost 90% of its colonies since 1962, this is mainly due to pesticide use and a change in global temperature.

There are some who are there to support our pollinating friends. Max Curzon Price, the 2019 Canadian World Class winner, has created a program named ‘Hive of Apiarists’ looking to engage bartenders in supporting local cultivation fo beehives, therefore, promoting biodiversity.

His winning cocktail Plight of the Bumblebee can be read about here with information on how you can colonize and support your own bee community.

Honeycomb Rum

Recipe by Christopher MenningCourse: infusion


Prep time


Shelf Life




  • 70ml dark rum  

  • 1 large chunk of Honeycomb


  • Break the honeycomb into rough chunks, the smaller the better.
  • Place in your container and pour the rum over top. 
  • Give it a little shake and let sit in a cool place out of direct sunlight for up to 7 days.
  • Once ready, strain through a muslin cloth a couple of times before transferring your infusion into a clean bottle. 

Summer Cocktail

summer honey cocktail gastronomer lifestyle

Equipment Needs:

This cocktail is a refreshing summer sipper with a fond nod to the humble bee. We pair the honeycomb rum with a Bee Pollen Syrup, elderflower liqueur, and then top it up with a lager to add carbonation and bring the flavours together. You can find out how to make this cocktail here.

Christopher Menning making a cocktail

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