Looking for Sourdough in Bangkok, Why Don't You Drop by at Sarnie's Sourdough?

Written by Wariya Intreyonk | March 4, 2022


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Sourdough in Bangkok

The slight tangy taste, the crunchy crust and the fluffy inside are the descriptions for a perfect sourdough. Sourdough’s popularity has grown over the years, and people can’t get enough of it. Some decent places sell high-quality sourdough in Bangkok, but recently, a new sourdough shop emerged.

In Charoen Krung District, not so far away from their flagship Sarnies Bangkok, the first establishment of Sarnies Group in Thailand, in a small alley called Charoen Krung 42/1 aka Wat Suan Phlu Alley, lies a sourdough shop called Sarnies Sourdough, which is the group’s outlets’ central kitchen.

The Sarnies Sourdough in Bangkok is not only a central kitchen that makes bread for the company’s other restaurants and eateries, it is also a restaurant in its own right. They serve all kinds of food, desserts, and refreshments.


One of the most exciting dishes on the menu is Smoked Salmon Chowder, a creamy smoked salmon soup with diced potatoes and carrots served in a large sourdough bowl. The soup itself is blended with salmon meat with a few generous chunks left floating on the top. This dish is full of flavour, ingredients, as well as a substantial serving size. It can definitely fill your stomach.

Sticky Date Pudding with Homemade Ice Cream is a dessert to die for. The ice cream isn’t too sweet or waxy, unlike some well-known brands. It’s creamy and smooth and goes very well with the slightly chewy sticky date pudding.


In the shop, there are a variety of croissants/muffins, which are called cruffins. Their cruffins are all made of sourdough. Mixed Berry Cruffin is a well-beloved one. It’s sour with a slight sweetness which is very good for those who aren’t fans of over-sweeten mixed berry pastry.

Coffee is one of the key strengths in the Sarnies Group, but kombucha also has a place in many’s hearts. Lychee Kombucha is an aromatic and well-balanced fermented tea. It’s sweet, tangy and tart. This is one of the Sarnies’ kombuchas that many people love.


Fresh pressed juice is also popular here. You can mix your favourite juices together to your own preference. Green apple and ginger mixed juice is full of vitamins. The spiciness from the ginger gives you a little kick on your lips and tongue.

Little people know that this group famous for sourdough in Bangkok is concerned about the environment and sustainability. They make their food and drinks from scratch and use ingredients from sustainable producers. Their smoked salmon used for chowder and many other dishes is cured and lychee wood smoked in-house. Their kombucha is made by their beverage team, and they are very delicate with their kombucha to give every batch a consistent flavour.

Besides the food and drinks we mentioned, Sarnies’ Breakfast Pizza and sandwiches are also worth trying, so if you happen to be around the area and want some decent food and drinks, Sarnies Sourdough is one of the names you should think of.

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