Madame President

Written by Christopher Menning | December 2, 2019

Madame President Cocktail Recipe

Madame President Cocktail Recipe

Jigger and Pony in Singapore is without doubt one of the best bars in Asia, even being crowned number 1 on Asia’s 50 Best Bar list back in 2019. 

When we asked Jerrold Khoo, the Bar Manager at the time, to join us on the podcast he told us all about how the bar reached its fame. 

The bar has been known for its creative cocktails and Jerrold shared with us this epic Negroni twist!

This deconstructed negroni even comes with its own Campari Lollipop! 

Madame President Cocktail Recipe

Madame President

Jerrold Khoo shows us one of his popular cocktails during his time at renowned Singapore cocktail bar, Jigger & Pony.
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 4 minutes
Total Time: 7 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Cocktail
Servings: 1 cocktail
Calories: 200kcal
Author: Jerrold Khoo



  • 30 ml Monkey 47 Gin
  • 20 ml Kaffir Vermouth
  • 20 ml Orchid & Bittermelon Liqueur


  • Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice.
  • Stir for up to 40 seconds or until optimum dilution.
  • Pour in a rocks glass over ice and serve with a Campari lolipop garnish!


Calories: 200kcal
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Kaffir Lime

Let’s take apart each of those ingredients so you can try and make them at home too. 

Firstly we will start with the Kaffir vermouth

1. Tear up 10 kaffir lime leaves so that their aroma is released.

2. Infuse the leaves in one litre of dry vermouth overnight at room temperature.

Orchid Bitter Melon

The next part is the Orchid bitter melon liqueur.

1. Slice 100g of baby bitter gourd, making sure to remove the seeds.

2. Toss the sliced bitter melon in 75g to 100g of white sugar till evenly coated. Let the mixture sit for 1 hour to extract the juice.

3. Combine the bitter melon with 250ml of water and 250ml of vodka, and sous vide* for one hour at 55ºC. Let it cool to room temperature and strain.

4. Add 7g (approx. two teaspoons) of Orchid Red Tea Leaves (available at Gardens Shop, Singapore Botanic Gardens) to the strained mixture. Leave overnight in the fridge. Strain again the next day.

1. *Alternatively, combine bitter melon mixture with 250ml of water in a pot and simmer, covered, at low heat for one hour. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Stir in 250ml of vodka and strain.

Campari Lollipop

Now on to the exciting Campari lollipop garnish! The ingredients you will need are: 

  • 300g castor sugar
  • 200ml light corn syrup
  • 125ml water
  • 0.5g cream of tartar
  • 50ml Campari reduction**


1. Combine sugar, corn syrup, water and cream of tartar in a pot.

2. Heat up to 145ºC, stirring constantly.

3. Once the solution turns slightly yellow, add the Campari reduction and immediately dip the pan in an ice bath for five seconds.

4. Pour the solution into a lollipop mould with the stick in place.

5. Let it cool at room temperature and remove the lollipop after one hour.

Campari Reduction

1. **Heat 750ml of Campari, uncovered, over medium-low heat. Do not allow this to reach a rolling boil. You may wish to pour it out into a heatproof measuring jug every half an hour to check until it is reduced to 200ml. Cool at room temperature before use.

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