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Netflix's 'Hunger' Turns
Thai Film Actors Into Savvy Chefs

Written by Muantawan Viboonnun

April 4, 2022

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Step into the world of gastronomy with Netlix’s highly anticipated Thai feature film, Hunger. The movie premiering this month chronicles the journey of Aoy, played by Chutimon “Aokbab” Chuengcharoensukying, who runs her family’s humble roadside noodle shop. Aoy receives a rare opportunity enter into the world of fine dining with an apprenticeship under a famous chef. The experience tests our protagonist, as the dark side of the industry unravels before our eyes. 

Actress "Aokbab" behind-the-scenes of "Hunger"
Actress "Aokbab" behind-the-scenes of "Hunger"

The success of any gastronomic film lies in its authenticity and credibility, and Hunger is no exception. The task of delivering a compelling and believable portrayal of chefs working at an esteemed kitchen called for extensive workshops for the talented cast, and Hunger couldn’t have picked a better set consultant: Chalee Kader.

The executive chef of 100 Mahaseth worked closely with the cast to sharpen their cooking skills for the scenes in the kitchen. With the film’s star, Aokbab, training involved anything from the basics of using kitchen knives to handling the pan like a pro. Covering all the necessary skillsets allowed the actress to fully become Aoy, a woman who abandons the street food scene in pursuit of the glamour of haute cuisine.

Chalee Kader on the set of Thai Netflix film 'Hunger'
Chalee Kader on the set of Thai Netflix film "Hunger"

“We decided to have the actual actors do the cooking throughout the vast majority of the shoot,” said Sitisiri Mongkolsiri, Hunger’s director. “We wanted the experience to be as real as possible, and to bring out each character’s unique identity through their cooking was a key element.” 

The actors’ preparations went beyond the technicalities of the culinary arts, immersing them into the perspectives, motivations, as well as personas of their characters. Nopachai “Peter” Jayanama, the actor who portrays the film’s culinary elite, for instance, was required to undergo a physical training regimen to build muscles fitting of his character’s tough exteriors. 

Behind-the-scenes of Thai Netflix film 'Hunger'

Foodie film lovers have much to look forward to, from a talented Thai cast and riveting story to the commitment to culinary authenticity for the screen. It’s going to be a feast for all the senses! 

Hunger premieres worldwide on Netflix on April 8, 2023. Be sure to save it on your list and catch it when it goes live this coming Saturday.

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