new pizza dough recipe on margherita at Pizza Masillia

Pizza Massilia has a New Recipe
and it's Dough-licious!

Written by Christopher Menning 

July 15, 2022

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Pizza Massilia has done the impossible and made their pizza taste even better!

Since opening its doors in December 2015, the pizza establishment has consistently committed to research and development using the finest Italian produce. In keeping with its focus on constant improvement, Bangkok’s finest Italian pizza joint now features a new dough celebrating health and lightness.

The pizzaiolo Michele of Pizza Massilia has experimented to the point of achieving his goal of serving a pizza with a flavorful, light dough. This pizza is all about lightness, so forget about feeling full after finishing a whole pizza. Chef Michele has carefully balanced the addition of spelt, rye and khorasan flours with an eye toward the whole grain portion.

flours and sourdough for new pizza recipe
mordella and burrata pizza

As gluten digestibility has improved significantly with flours high in fibre and kneaded with live sourdough, they have modified and expanded their selection of whole wheat flours.

In the entire dough process, Chef Michele’s expertise and experience manifest themselves in the management of a slow leavening and long maturation process that takes 60 to 72 hours.

“We are dreamers, we believe in products born under the Italian sun, we believe in our expert artisan friends and their excellent productions, we believe in genuine teamwork that transforms and improves simple things.” Luca (Founder and Partner).

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