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Plant-Powered Cuisine Showcased at
Root The Future's
‘Innovate Your Plate’ Tasting Event

Written by Muantawan Viboonnun 

March 20, 2023 

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In December of last year, in an effort to galvanise the creative spirit of restaurant, Root The Future, a Bangkok-based plant-powered and sustainability community, launched the ‘Innovate Your Plate’ competition, calling for restaurants to create innovative recipes that required no meat or animal products while also showcasing specific sources of plant-based protein.

To compete for selection, applicants were challenged to create a dish highlighting products from the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council (dry peas, lentils, and chickpeas) and another dish using products from the US Dry Bean Council, sponsors of the programme. In addition, the dishes had to be included on the restaurants’ menus for two weeks before the selection of winners. 

A number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants all across Thailand came through a variety of innovative dishes, from savoury to sweet creations. Then earlier this year in January, Root The Future announced the three winners for the ‘Innovate Your Plate’ competition: Suananda, Canes Plant-based Culinary Lab, and The Earthling Cafe

Wanting to showcase the winning recipes to a wider audience, the competition organisers recently gathered media, influencers, and guests at The Commons Thonglor’s rooftop on March 7 for the ‘Innovate Your Plate’ Winner’s Showcase, where chefs delighted diners with six courses of inspired plant-based cuisine. 


Starting with Suananda, the first dish, Trio Lentil Crepes, highlighted the use of lentil as the main ingredient of the crepes, buttermilk, and tofu. The second dish was the BeanaCotta, a panna cotta made from white beans served with a lentil jalebi. From savoury to sweet, Suananda delivered diners a brand new experience of plant-powered Indian fusion cuisine.


Canes Plant-based Culinary Lab‘s specialties included the Lentil and Chickpea Pâté En Croûte, pâté en croûte made from chickpeas, lentils, and champignons, and Prune stuffed Gnocchi with lima bean Foie Gras, foie gras made from beans and chickpeas. The Foie Gras left a strong impression with its creamy texture, perfectly paired with refreshing bite-sized gnocchi. 


Finishing off the plant-based culinary event was The Earthling Cafe‘s Black Bean, Chickpea, and Lentil Katsu, a katsu burger made from chickpeas and lentils, and the Black Bean Brownie with Chickpea Fudge and Butter Bean Ice Cream. Dishes from The Earthling Cafe were served in leaves to raise awareness towards the issue of non-biodegradable waste in the food industry while also making the dishes’ presentation massively stylish!


Interested in tasting these delicious selection of dishes yourself? All of the mentioned creations are still available at their respective locations until further notice. Why not visit them on your next meat-free meal day?

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