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Vodka has lost its limelight over the last decade but we think it deserves a bit of love. The grain or potato-based vodka still has a place in our heart.

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Jul 10
Martini Cocktail Recipe & History

Martini Cocktail Recipe & History Written by Christopher Menning | July 2, 2021 Share this post How To Make A Martini The Martini cocktail has been the queen of mixed drinks in bars and pop culture alike.  From H. L. Mencken calling it “the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet” to James Bond ordering […]

Apr 20
Chase Marmalade Vodka Review

Chase Marmalade Vodka Review Chase marmalade  Tasting Notes Nose Unsurprisingly full of orange zest and marmalade. Palate Bittersweet orange, juicy, natural flavour, mouth-coating texture. Finish The orange goes on for several seconds after the swallow, very pleasant. Chase Marmalade Overview Originally intended as a limited release, Chase Marmalade is a firm favourite of vodka and […]

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