Gastronomer Lifestyle Issue 4 | June 2023


Gastronomer Lifestyle presents our June Issue, The Dessert Issue, highlighting the joys of sweet cuisine as well as drinks. Mia Restaurant’s Michelle Goh is plated on our cover surrounded by her own beautifully handcrafted chocolate bonbons, reminding us of the artistry in pastry and desserts.
In this issue, we also ask Bangkok chefs to reminisce about their favourite desserts from their hometown, explore Thai traditional desserts, and talk to the modern poster child of mango sticky rice herself—Milli!
This is your guide to living your best life in Bangkok.
Don’t miss out on this design-packed issue! Grab your free copy at various locations throughout the city and let us take you on a flavourful and adventurous journey.
Photographer: Chaiwat Kangsamrith
Makeup Artist: Apapan Pholpool
Hair Stylist: Saranya PimmaRosell

The Dessert Issue


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