Gastronomer Lifestyle Issue 6 | August/ September 2023


In Issue 6, delve into the captivating realm of Japanese cuisine amidst the bustling heart of Bangkok! From time-honored eateries carrying forward generations-old classics to contemporary fusion establishments pushing the boundaries of flavor, this edition covers it all. On the cover, we shine a spotlight on three remarkable chefs – each with their unique style but united by their unwavering passion. Ryuki Kawasaki, the culinary artist from “Mezzaluna,” delves into his fine dining journey, Shinji Inoue, the maestro of “No Name Noodle,” shares the entertaining essence of ramen, and completing our trilogy, Masato Shimizu expresses why sushi embodies his life’s passion. Beyond just beverages, Japanese drinks mirror the nation’s vibrant history and culture – an exploration facilitated by insightful conversation with talented mixologist Kei Sawada. Whether you’re a dedicated food enthusiast, an inquisitive traveler, or simply someone with an appetite for the extraordinary, this magazine serves as your compass to the delightful universe of Japanese food and beverages, all within the vibrant embrace of Bangkok.
Photographer: Chaiwat Kangsamrith

The Japan Issue


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