Gastronomer Lifestyle Issue 7 | October/ November 2023


Welcome to Issue 7 of our magazine, “The Plant Issue,” where we explore Bangkok’s thriving world of plant-based cuisine. Our cover star, Samantha Häberli, chef, and founder of Earth House in Sukhumvit, takes center stage as we dive into her vision for sustainable dining. Join us in celebrating Thailand’s annual Vegan Jay Festival, a vibrant showcase of veganism’s cultural and culinary richness. Discover the art of green cuisine with Michelin-starred chef Deepanker Khosla, who shares his sustainable culinary secrets. Plus, get a taste of CANES’ new casual dining restaurant through our restaurant review. This issue is your passport to the world of plant-based gastronomy in Bangkok, whether you’re a seasoned vegan or simply curious about eco-friendly dining.
Cover Photographer: Chaiwat Kangsamrith
Makeup Artist: Apapan Pholpool
Hair Stylist: Saranya Pimma

The Plant Issue


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