The Standard Hotel Hua Hin

Situated in Hua Hin, Prajuab Khiri Khan province, this vibrant and chic hotel is the first hotel in Thailand under the brand The Standard. Its motto, "Everything but Standard", prepares you for a luxuriously unorthodox experience. The hotel design is a marriage between the '70s and today's architecture, making it unique with the eclecticism of minimalist essence and a hint of vintage. Every corner of the hotel is filled with greens, big and small, but the architecture lives with nature harmoniously. The colour scheme helps you feel relaxed, energised and recharged while staying here.

Every room and villa is well equipped with essentials. There are glasses for wine, champagne, cocktail and water, and an ice bucket station at the minibar ready for thirst-quenching with your favourite beverage. Each room is provided with an Ultimate Ear Boom 3 speaker for your entertainment, apart from a giant flatscreen smart TV. If your room is a pool villa, you can have a micro private party by the pool.

The Standard Hua Hin has two restaurants; Lido and Praça. Lido is a restaurant for breakfast in the morning and an Italian restaurant for lunch and dinner. It serves high-quality international breakfast and delicious Italian dishes made from local ingredients. Pair the Italian food with a glass of cocktail or two, and your experience will be nothing but mouthgasm.  Praça is a Thai-Izakaya restaurant under supervision of Chef Prasertchai “Jacky” Trongvanichnam. Titled as Iron Chef Champion in 2018, before his love of Thai food, Chef Jacky used to cook only French cuisine.

During his time in America, Chef Jacky received a wake-up call from his superior. Unable to cook Thai food he was told to focus on his heritage and learn the culinary history and cooking of his home country.  After that, he studied hard about Thai cuisine and ingredients. Since then, Chef Jacky has dedicated himself to cooking and elevating Thai food. He uses his knowledge of French cuisine to make his interpretation of Thai food. Chef Jacky's highlight dishes are Moo Krob Baan Nok, Khao Pad Nua Yang and Khao Mao Nam Kati.

Moo Krob Baan Nok is a Thai spicy salad dish consisting of crispy pork belly, cowa leaves, Ceylon spinach and lemongrass sauce simmered with kaffir lime fruit. The pork is crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside. The first taste is sourness. Followed by sweetness, saltiness and a hint of bitterness and umami.

Khao Pad Nua Yang is a mixture of Japanese fried rice and Thai fried rice. Chef Jacky put a lot of effort into this dish by making his own chilli paste which tastes like no other, and fermenting egg yolk with fish sauce for 7 hours to perfection. To enjoy this dish to the fullest, mix everything in the bowl together before eating.

Khao Mao Nam Kati is a dessert; a Thai candle smoked unripe rice and banana swimming in kaffir lime zest coconut milk. Not only does the citrus zest colour the dessert, but it also elevates the smell and flavour.

The only thing you might need to be cautious about is mosquitoes. Make sure you have bug spray with you when going outside your room or villa.

  • Naresdamri, Selakam road, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110, Thailand

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