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About The Blue Plate Awards.

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We are not here to judge. We are here to celebrate. To reward those who go above and beyond with praise and recognition. Our team have a combined hospitality experience of 35 years. We stick to a strick criteria when choosing a venue to feature. 

If we featured you, congratulations! It means we love what you do and think the rest of the world should see it too. 

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gastronomer lifestyle blue plate award

Blue Plate awards

Award process


Any restaurant, cafe, bar or hotel on Gastronomer Lifestyle are eligible to register for the blue plate awards.

Shortlisted by the pros

We ask our team of top food and drink bloggers in each city to shortlist 10 submissions for each category. Each venue must be visited at least once.

The public have their say

The shortlist will be announced and a public vote will be put out for each category.

Award ceremony

All shortlisted venues are invited to a lavish award ceremony to hear the winners be announced.


We believe the a good meal or drink should be memorable. An experience worth sharting and talking about.

Venue & Ambience

How you feel in a venue is largely dictated by the design, aesthetics and sensory appreciation. Music, lighting and appearance are key factors.


Food, of course, is one of the highest criteria. We like to see the journey for the source of the produce. See how it was cared for and how it was cooked before arriving to the plate.

Sustainability & community

How much of an impact are you making to your community? And do you have any revolutionary sustainable practices?


Salvatore Calabrese once said, There are two hands to being a good bartender. In one hand is the art of mixology and in the other, the art of hospitality. How do you make your guests feel every time?

beverage programme

Anyone can throw some bottles together on a list, but a well tuned beverage programme is a well oiled machine. It has story, design and structure.

Choose the perfect plan

We offer every venue on Gastronomer Lifestyle a free plan. To be included in the Blue plate awards there is a one off entry fee to cover costs. We also offer advanced consultancy, marketing or advertising packages to suit your needs and budget. 


  • Blue tick verified.
  • 1 content edit allowance.
  • Full time support.
  • Newsletter appearance.
  • Social media shoutout.


One off payment

  • Entry into the Blue Plate Awards.
  • Event Activation.
  • Inclusion in Newsletter.
  • Sticky Listing availability.

Custom Pricing

  • Private Consultancy.
  • Advanced campaigns.
  • Full profile customisation.
  • Custom advertisement plans.

Frequently asked questions

If you think your venue is a doing something great which people should know about then you can drop us an email on [email protected] However we can’t promise you will be featured.

There could be a few reasons, A) we just havent had the time to get you! (eating and drinking out all the  is timely & costly) B) you havent quite hit the mark yet but it doesn’t mean all is lost. Take a minute to adjust get in contact and let us know you want to be featured. 

100%. We are in the business of positive promotion and we are happy to help the industry we love. We can set up a visit and offer a detailed report with suggestions for improvement. This will be completely confidential with the aim to get you on our list. Please contact us on [email protected]

We believed it was time for a change in food and drink award ceremonies. Too much has come down to paying the right people to hit the top spot or being judged by people who have no real experience. Thats why we chose 2 stages. The first is shortlisted by professionals who literally eat and drink out and then write or talk about it on a daily basis. And the second is a non biased public vote. Power to the people. 

This whole platform is self funded. We have had no external support and believe it or not, eating and drinking out all the time is expensive! The submission fund goes to support marketing the awards as-well as making sure we can pay for visiting each and every venue submitted. 

For any other queries or questions Contact Us on: [email protected]

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