Uplifting Thai Cuisine at
Kate's Place Supper Club

Written by Christopher Menning 

August 4, 2022

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Sukhumvit 36 has a hidden gem by the name of Kate’s Place.

Home is where the heart is. And isn’t our heart always in a good local? Being British I am typically drawn to local watering holes where I can enjoy good food and drinks while knowing that the comfort of home is close at hand. Fortunately for me, my opportunity came in the form of a small storehouse with an abundance of greenery in front and a lot more to it than meets the eye.

When Pikun “Kate” Wangsantia was forced to close down her noodle shop specialising in Braised Chicken Feet, as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, she took a leap of faith and inadvertently created a hidden gem in the heart of Sukhumvit 36’s. Kate’s Place was born, a secret ‘Supper Club’ for friends and family to enjoy and a local hangout for residents in the area.

Seeing the success of her food, and the response to something unique, Kate renovated the entire dining spaces of her building, created a new set menu format and opened to the public in January of 2022 becoming Kate’s Place Supperclub. It’s been popular with the local residents of Suk 36 as well as international tourists looking for an authentic Thai meal. Located behind a bookshelf is the cosy and stylish dining room that can function as a shared dining room or as private dining for small groups.

Kate’s Place originally didn’t have a name, it started off purely by accident as a secret club of friends dining above my casual Thai restaurant “Boonlang Noodles”. I had a room in my building which served as a perfect casual private dining place where friends could meet up with trusted friends and without judgement to chat, drink and dine but within safety measures.” Kate says.


Kate is no stranger to hospitality. She spent years working at reliable restaurants like Canvas and Sühring, motivating her to pursue her dream of owning her own restaurant. Her team all exhibit the same spirit of hospitality that comes from years of her experience.

The capable restaurateur now runs her “secret supper club” where she cooks off menu and according to her mood. Having spent many times learning to cook under the tutelage of her mentor in Chiang Mai, Kate’s creativity shines using locally sourced market produce and interesting ingredients. In fact on a most recent visit to enjoy a few beers we were offered her latest creation, grilled strips of buffalo served with ‘nam jim jaew’ a Thai chilli dipping sauce. Both being delicious and nutritious.

The set menu is updated frequently according to season and, although contemporary, sticks to well known Thai classic dishes. As starters, you can indulge in stuffed chicken wings and firefly squid with ginger. Delights such as Crispy Pork Belly with Chinese Kale and Beef Tenderloin Kang Kau, A rich Thai curry, bring up the main dishes. It’s an affectionate showcase of Thai produce which becomes even more evident with the wine choice being Granmonte, a vineyard located North-East of Bangkok in Khao Yai. It’s a feast fit for sharing, be it a special celebration or a work night out. 


Kate tells us “Once there was more demand from people to eat at the secret Supper Club, I began to visit different markets and developed my style of cuisine. I would say my food is not simply traditional or fancy but somewhere in between. It’s more about how people feel when they eat my food. Someone once said that coming here and eating my food always made them feel “so happy” even when they were in a bad mood and there were a lot of people since the pandemic feeling sad and depressed.

Therefore, I would say the food is “Uplifting”, in that it’s not about dish presentation or fancy restaurant design but the food and environment should make you feel welcome, comforted and happy, and also ‘uplifting’ in a way that it’s home cooked, comfort food style but the taste is elevated.”

And she is right about uplifting. The downstairs area known as Boonlang is still operational and many people visit for lunch during the day. The menu has a great selection of well priced dishes with one of our favourites being Khao Pad Gai (stir fried rice with chicken) with a glistening fried egg sitting majestically atop a mound of Sung Yod, a Southern red rice. We often spend many times enjoying a cold beer on the little patio, accompanied by a plate of juicy Issan Sausage.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s vibrant hospitality scene, it’s always nice to have that one place you can count on for honest homely food, a reasonable drink, and warm hospitality. Kate’s place is exactly that and we look forward to her continued success.


Kate’s Place – Supper Club & Private Dining in Bangkok, “Uplifting Thai Comfort Food” restaurant, can be booked per single diner or group for the Supper Club with a shared table and shared mains format. Guests may request a small table for 2-4 persons or the large table which seats 12 People (for group or sharing).

Menu: Kate’s Place Menu Set Menu (From June 1st 2022): 2 x snacks, 1 x starter, 5 x mains, 1 x dessert | 1,790 THB net per person

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