Where to Get the Best of Asian Cusine in bangkok

Written by Christopher Menning | December 2, 2019


Asian Cuisine in Bangkok

Dining restrictions are slowly but surely being lifted here in the City of Angels — great news for foodies looking to enjoy the array of restaurants scattered across Bangkok. According to Bangkok Post’s report on COVID- 19 restrictions, restaurants in Bangkok will be allowed to accommodate indoor dining until 11 PM. Restaurants and cafés can now welcome more diners and enjoy better business as long as they enforce social distancing measures.

The capital city offers the best food Thailand has to offer, as well as the best cuisines from neighbouring countries in Asia. Expat Bets’ guide to Thailand points out that the country’s unique location doesn’t just make it a go-to for world travellers and expats, it also makes it a fascinating hub of different cultures. So if you want to sample authentic Asian food, then you should drop by these restaurants.

China: Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is a Michelin Star restaurant that specializes in Chinese Huaiyang cuisine. This article on dumplings published by the New York Times describes their best-selling xiao long bao as the “perfect treasure.” These dumplings are wrapped in a soft dough that is filled with tender pork meat and a warm flavourful broth. The world-famous restaurant also features other bestsellers, such as drunken chicken and century eggs.

Turkey: Ottoman Turkish Restaurant

Ottoman Turkish restaurant offers food at a budget-friendly price. Most of all, the chef and the owner are Turkish, so you can truly enjoy an authentic meal. You should definitely have a taste of their Lahmacun, which is a baked flatbread that is topped with meat, sauce, and herbs. Enjoy a slice of sweet baklava for dessert and pair it with a cup of Turkish tea.

Japan: Washoku Aji Dining

If you are craving for Japanese food, then you should definitely try eating at Washoku Aji Dining. We previously featured this exclusive Japanese restaurant here on the Gastronomer Lifestyle blog for a reason: Washoku Aji Dining is very particular about delivering an authentic taste, so they only use Japanese rice, ingredients, and seasoning for their food. Their set menus will surely fill your stomach with main dishes that are complemented with generous servings of side dishes. They are also known for their hiyashi ramen, which are cold ramen noodles that are perfect for combating the warm weather.

Lebanon: Nadimos

Nadimos is owned by expats who hail from Lebanon. They aim to bring honour to their country by serving traditional Lebanese dishes in Bangkok. One of their best dishes is the kebab khashkha, which are char-grilled lamb skewers that are dipped in rich tomato sauce. You should also sample their shrimp fatteh, which contains boiled chickpeas with pita, tahina, and fried garlic that’s topped with generous amounts of shrimp.

India: Gaggan Anand

This restaurant is named after its famous owner and executive chef, Gaggan Anand. He earned two Michelin stars for his previous restaurant, and opened this new one to serve progressive Indian food. Forbes’ review of the restaurant details that they serve a 25-course meal that includes interactive food games. Their a la carte menu also features dishes with fun names, such Bombay Bhel puri cookies a la NASA and Indian Industrial Burger called Keema Paw.

Vietnamese: Saigon Recipe

Saigon Recipe features authentic dishes from one of Thailand’s neighbours, Vietnam. They are ready to serve you with a warm and delicious bowl of pho, which is a classic Vietnamese dish. However, if you want to try different dishes, we recommend their sizzling pancake called Bánh Xèo. Their Bánh Cuốn can be eaten Saigon style by dipping the stuffed rice roll into their homemade fish sauce. Finally, cool yourself from the heat by drinking their iced Café Sua Da.

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