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Gastronomer Lifestyle Ltd is a digital publishing company specialising in the promotion of food & drink tourism. We are the gateway for the consumer to the world of gastronomy and drink culture. We profile the best restaurants, bars and hotels to take the job of searching away. For collaboration, guest speaking or for consultancy please contact: info@gastronomerlifestyle.com

Our story. Message from the Founder

Gastronomic Tourism is on the rise. It has become one of the most dynamic segments in the tourism market. In fact, over a third of tourist spending is on food and beverage.

According to UNWTO the world tourism organisation, Gastronomic Tourism is an “experiential journey related to a particular lifestyle that includes experimentation, learning from different cultures, the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of the qualities or attributes of culinary specialities produced in that region through its consumption”.

Before I started this lifestyle as a full-time Gastronomer, I had spent a decade in Hospitality. 

I have been part of the luxury hotel market, Michelin starred restaurants and high volume cocktail bars. 

This tenure in the world of Gastronomy has given me incredible insight and my extensive network fuels my content today. 

Why did I start Gastronomer Lifestyle? To be a trusted voice and guide for those wanting to explore the world through their own taste. And to learn from the experts about food, drink and travel.


Sincerely, Christopher Menning
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