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About Gastronomer Lifestyle

Gastronomer Lifestyle Ltd is a brand and consultancy specialising in the promotion of food & drink tourism. We are the gateway for the consumer to the world of gastronomy and drink culture. We profile the best restaurants, bars and hotels to take the job of searching away.

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Our story. Message from the Founder

Gastronomic Tourism is on the rise. It has become one of the most dynamic segments in the tourism market. In fact, over a third of tourist spending is on food. According to UNWTO the world tourism organisation, Gastronomic Tourism is an “experiential journey related to a particular lifestyle that includes experimentation, learning from different cultures, the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of the qualities or attributes related to tourism products, as well as culinary specialities produced in that region through its consumption”
We all love to travel to faraway lands and try local cuisine. That ingrained mentality of the explorer is what makes us human. To escape the daily routine, reach out to distant lands and immerse ourselves in a new culture and a world of freedom is playing a prominent role in our lives. I too had this calling. And that’s why in 2018, I quit my job, booked a one-way ticket to Asia and haven’t looked back.
During my culinary deep dive into far-flung parts of the world, I noticed one thing. I distinct lack of trust in information online. I would google for hours to find the best street food, only to be disappointed the venue closed years ago. I would read reviews only to feel a little forlorn to realise it was all paid marketing by a writer who had never visited the bar or restaurant. I wanted to change this.
Before I started this lifestyle as a full-time Gastronomer, I had spent a decade in Hospitality.

My servitude saw me undertaking many roles. I started pulling pints in a dive bar and washing dishes in a small kitchen and at my peak, I served my own seasonal cocktails to Cate Blanchet, hosted a private wine dinner for Crime writer Peter James and even been tipped by Bruce Springsteen for my coffee skills. 

My tenure in the world of Gastronomy has given me incredible insight and my extensive network fuels my content today. I’ve practised sabrage with a Champagne flute at GH Mumms exclusive Windmill and had a private dinner for 3 at Hennessys Private Mansion, Chateau Bagnolet with their global ambassador Jean-Michel Chochet.

I’ve had coffee with Famed Chef Marcus Waering in a garden and I’ve even talked on length to Caroline Rosen, the president of Tales of the Cocktail about gardening! 

At the year of my leave, I was living in the middle of Ashdown forest, you know the one where Winnie the Pooh lives? Being part of the management team in one of the most prestigious Country Hotels in the UK and its Michelin starred restaurant. I had created a cocktail menu shortlisted for the Imbibe Drinks list of the year award and developed a bar program they still continue today. But I wanted to see the world. My travel bug had peaked and I wanted to explore the rich diversity that food and drink culture had to offer. Having travelled for 2 years now and from my experiences, I can now comfortable promote the most incredible gourmand experiences, from Champagne tours in Epernay to Coffee Farms in Chiang Mai. Cocktails on Singapore’s Marina Bay floating Ship to the best Duck Noodle Soup in Bangkok.

And that’s why I started Gastronomer Lifestyle. To be a trusted voice and guide for those wanted to explore the world through their own taste.

Welcome to your new home for food, drink & travel.


Christopher Menning 

Every week Join Christopher Menning On The Back Bar as he interviews industry leaders and experts in the world of bartending, cocktails, wine, and spirits. 


Be part of the discussion as we cover a wide range of topics and trends on the subject of alcohol.  From craft cocktails, bartending advice, and how to taste spirits. 

About Christopher

Chris is our Head Gastronomer here, with over a decade of experience in the Hospitality industry.


Nowadays he travels the world, as a writer, podcast host, cocktail creator and creative consultant exploring cultures and their rich food and drink offerings.

“Hospitality is much more than good food and drink. It's about celebrating culture, creativity and sharing experiences ”

Christopher Menning

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