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Search through our drink archives to learn about cocktails, spirits, wine and beer from industry leaders and experts across the globe.

Our spirit reviews section contains an in-depth analysis of distilled liquor. We take a look at the production side and the history of each distillery before diving into each bottle itself. We believe in finding the primary, secondary and tertiary flavours of each bottle and showing them in a visual way. We want to give you best advice on whisky, gin, vodka, rum or tequila so you know what to buy for your home bar.

We take a look at the main categories of:

  • Whisky – Scottish single malt and blends.
  • Whiskey – Japanese, European or Irish pot stilled or American rye.
  • Bourbon – American Corn & Rye distilled spirit.
  • Rum – A pirates best friend.
  • Cognac – Grapes distilled from the Cognac region of France.
  • Tequila – All about that agave.
  • Mezcal – Tequila’s smokey cousin.
  • Vodka – No they don’t all taste the same.
  • Gin – London Dry, Old Tom. None of that flavoured crap.
  • Liqueurs – And the abundance of them.

Each bottle of distilled spirit holds a bouquet of flavour waiting to be experienced and we want to share with you our experience through our spirit reviews.

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Happy Imbibing! Please drink responsibly.

Apr 22
Chase Elegant Gin Gin Review

Chase Elegant Gin Review Chase elegant gin Tasting Notes Nose More green apple than juniper, hints of a sweeter spice think vanilla. Palate Explosion of flavour, apple blends nicely into juniper before turning more green and herbaceous. Finish Long finish. You can feel the warmth of the ABV and the lingering juniper. Chase Elegant Gin […]

Apr 20
Martin Millers Gin

Martin Millers Gin Martin miller’s gin Tasting Notes Nose Combination of floral and citrus aromas, reminds me of sherbet lemons Palate Clean and crisp citrus leads into the lighter side of juniper, wonderfully rich in the mouth, almost creamy. Finish Mid length finish, zesty and also a hint of nutmeg. Martin Millers Bio Langleys Distillery […]

Apr 20
Chase Marmalade Vodka Review

Chase Marmalade Vodka Review Chase marmalade  Tasting Notes Nose Unsurprisingly full of orange zest and marmalade. Palate Bittersweet orange, juicy, natural flavour, mouth-coating texture. Finish The orange goes on for several seconds after the swallow, very pleasant. Chase Marmalade Overview Originally intended as a limited release, Chase Marmalade is a firm favourite of vodka and […]

Apr 20
Highland Park 12 Year Whisky Review

Highland Park 12 Year Review Written by Christopher Menning | July 18, 2021 Highland Park Whisky Bio Highland park 12 year Tasting Notes Appearance Light amber with medium viscosity. Nose Notes of sweet orange blossom, orange zest, and rose. soft Peat aroma in the background, giving a gentle image of a bed of seaweed. Taste […]

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