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Taste of the Land and the Sea: Baba Iki

Written by Mika Apichatsakol

August issue ‘Japanese’, 2023 

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Compared to Bangkok, Phuket isn’t as endowed with as many Japanese eateries. But, if you are looking to enjoy some sushi, sashimi, yakitori, or teppanyaki on your southern island escapade, you can find one of the finest experiences at Sri Panwa.

The luxurious resort really needs no introduction—but we’ll give you one anyways. Perched high atop Phuket’s secluded Cape Panwa on the island’s southeastern peninsula, Sri Panwa is the award-winning luxury beach resort of Charn Issara Group, one of the nation’s most prominent property development families. Not too shabby for past guests such as Gordon Ramsay, Rita Ora, Flo Rida, H.R.H. King Jigme of Bhutan, and the Thai royal family, besides its prime real estate overlooking the Andaman and the surrounding islands, Sri Panwa boasts 51 stunning pool suites, 49 sizable pool villas, and 10 highly-exclusive penthouses, each accommodation designed to evoke a sense of a luxe private vacation home, decked out in fine furnishings, amenities, and details. The property also has 13 residential villas of three to five bedrooms, which range from 800 to 2,000 square metres in size, for those who just wanted to make Sri Panwa their permanent home.

If privacy and comfort are the ultimate pulls of Sri Panwa, the hotel’s array of dining options is a close second. Among the property’s eight restaurants— including Baba Poolclub, Baba Nest, Baba Chino, and Baba Soul Café—Baba Iki is Sri Panwa’s premier dining outlet for Japanese delights. 

Baba Iki aims to be the one-stop for all your Japanese culinary needs on your vacation. Bangkokians will be especially thrilled to know that the restaurant does omakase sushi. Using premium ingredients imported from Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market, Baba Iki’s signature omakase experience highlights seasonal specialities of maguro, shima-aji, madai, kinmedai, and other raw fish favourites.

For those who want to be in control of their selections, the à la carte menu is extensive, providing a good breadth of Japanese cuisine, from sushi to teppanyaki and yakitori. One can even opt for a hearty donburi or udon, prepared with high-quality meats such beef, kurobuta, salmon, and more. Baba Iki also highlights a sake-based cocktail menu with inventions like Kabuki Lake and Sake Mojito that are just right for a special beach getaway that doesn’t happen every day.

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Unless you are booked for omakase at the elegant sushi bar, you can sip on your sake cocktail at the outdoor seating area or in the vibrant indoor space where you can watch the bustling open kitchen in full motion and muse on what to do in the morrow. A day of nature exploration or water sports perhaps? Or just a relaxing day soaking up the sea and lush surroundings, and maybe even an extended session at Sri Panwa’s Cool Spa. But for now, kampai! 

Sri Panwa
88 Sakdidej Road, Wichit, Muang Phuket 83000

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