Known for its heritage-steeped Thai cuisine, historic architecture, and century-old story, Praya Palazzo invites you to be a part of its centenary celebration this month in a delicious fashion at its Michelin Guide-acclaimed restaurant.

Iconic dishes from the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods, along with the Rattanakosin and modern Bangkok, are beautifully presented to diners. But for its 100th birthday, a special dinner set menu, consisting of dishes made from recipes sourced from cookbooks dating back over 100 years, takes centre stage in a package curated to honour this auspicious landmark.

The package also includes accommodation, daily breakfast, Thai-style afternoon tea, and a tour of the charismatic neighbourhood of Banglamphu, located opposite Praya Palazzo on the other side of the Chao Phraya River.

As you plan your visit, here are five facts you should know about the historic hotel:

1. A school once upon a time

Before becoming a quaint riverside boutique hotel, Praya Palazzo had another name, Baan Bang Yee Khan. The establishment belonged to Praya Chollabhumipanish, a Thai-Chinese noble of the Royal Court Custom Department, his wife, and their 10 children.

However, after the nobleman and his wife passed away, and with the shift from boats to cars as the main means of transportation, the family transferred ownership of the mansion to the Foundation for Muslim Community. The building was then converted into the Rachakarun School, replacing the old structure that was destroyed during World War II.

The school aimed to provide education to children of all religions at a very low tuition fee. However, after 22 years of operation, the foundation sold the property due to financial problems. It later became the Indara Vocational School until 1996.

The school was eventually shut down due to student violence, and the riverside structure was left to decay. It was then discovered and renovated by Wichai Pitakvorrarat, an assistant professor of architecture, who spent 20 months restoring the property. This resulted in the Praya Palazzo that we see today.

Praya Palazzo or Baan Bang Yi Khan

2. By boats only

As the structure was built during a time when boats were the primary mode of transportation, this hotel can only be accessed by the hotel’s private boat. Cars and pedestrians are left behind, ensuring relaxation, serenity, and exclusivity.Hence, relaxation, serenity, and exclusivity are promised at this hotel. 

3. Pieces from the past

Throughout the hotel, authentic decorations from the early 20th century (during the reigns of King Rama VI and VII) transport visitors back in time. Glassware, fine china, and various other items are sourced from the personal collection of Kittisak Pattamasaevi’s mother. 

4. Always feel like home

In addition to the nostalgic decorations, the staff at Praya Palazzo go above and beyond to make your stay exceptional. When staying at this river-access-only hotel, a designated staff member or Resort Host will be assigned to take care of you exclusively throughout your stay.

5. Royal recipes

The culinary delights served at Praya Palazzo’s Praya Dining are crafted using the recipes of Lady Plian Paadsakorn. Lady Plien, who was raised with all the decorum and training befitting a lady of her standing during the reign of King Rama 3, garnered renown as a naturally gifted chef throughout the capital. Subsequently, she was invited by a magazine to share her expertise in Thai cuisine through a monthly column, which achieved significant success. In 1908, Lady Plian went on to publish her own cookbook, Ma Krua Hua Pa, marking Thailand’s inaugural cookbook.

La Tieng at Praya Palazzo

Now you are ready to experience Praya Palazzo‘s celebratory dinner set menu, which include dishes like La Tieng (sauteed minced prawn with onions and peanuts wrapped with a delicate egg net), Salad of Pla Neu (grilled beef with betel leaves and fresh herb), Moo Pad Som Siew (stir-fried pork with yellow chili paste), and Chu Chee Goong Maenam (deep-fried river prawn with red curry sauce).

Email or call 081-402-8118 to make a reservation. Praya Palazzo is located at 757/1 Somdej Prapinklao Soi 2.

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