A charitable campaign the #NYBKK Bagel unites New York and Bangkok.

Written by Christopher Menning | September 26, 2021

The #NYBKK bagel

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#BagelItForward Campaign

Wild Nature Artisan, bagel entrepreneurs VOLKS, and Thai chef Andy Yang have teamed up for a limited edition #NYBKKBagel, an original jam-filled and fun-filled bagel that takes inspiration from New York and Bangkok.

The NYBKK Bagel is founded upon the expert experience of Chef Andy Yang of Michelin Star Restaurant, Table 38 in Bangkok (2010) and the initiative of two bright and ambitious entrepreneurs who graduated from colleges in New York to return home to launch their bagel brand, VOLKS.

Chef Yang and the VOLKS team holding their bagels

Volks is a bagel company that sells freshly baked New York-style bagels as well as cream cheese and other snacks. Volk and Sherry, two siblings and fresh graduates, founded a brand that combined their two loves for baking and design.

During their quarantine in Bangkok, they came up with the notion of introducing one of their favorite breakfast staples to Bangkok. Now with seven locations across the city, and a recently opened establishment in Chiang Mai, they have become a popular breakfast haunt for many Bangkok residents.

Chef Andy Yang started cooking as a youngster in 1997 and moved to New York City in 1998. In 2010, his Greenwich Village-based restaurant, Rhong Tiam, earned him international renown as the first Thai restaurant in the United States to be awarded a Michelin star.

The organic urban farm Wild Nature Artisan is founded by sisters Dara Wongwan (Noy) and Tumtim Malaiarisoon (Nai), cultivating artisan jams, organic herbs, and infusions developed a “Sairoong Jam” with Chef Yang to be smothered over the bagels.

The three Thai foodie groups created the #NYBKKBagel, each bringing a unique touch to the table. The bagel filling consists of a thick slathering of Sairoong Jam, toasted Gruyere Cheese, and slices of fresh US Strawberries, as well as your choice of 12 VOLKS Bagels from the classic bagels or special bagels assortment.

The #NYBKKbagel campaign poster

#BagelItForward: Besides celebrating New York’s iconic bagel by incorporating artisanal Thai-grown flavours, the limited-edition bagel offers the chance to contribute 9 THB donation to the Kao Kin Kan (9 กิน กัน) campaign by the Food for Fighter Organisation, just by sharing that bagel on social media!

The #NYBKKBagel will be available from the 29th September 2021 to 7th October 2021 for Takeaway & Delivery and at VOLKS, Pradiphat 13 branch only.

Pre-order will be available from 22nd September 2021 onward, will cost 290 THB and will be available to purchase at the channels below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volks.dst
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/volks.dst/?hl=en
Line Official: @volks.dst
Delivery Platforms: (GrabFood/Lineman/Robinhood)

Those who want to take part in the #BagelItForward by Food For Fighters 9THB and the NYBKK Bagel team can post the bagel as many times as they want on social media, with each post resulting in a donation of 9THB to the Food for Fighters Organisation donated by Wild Nature Artisan and VOLKS. The terms and conditions for posting are listed below:

  • Order a #NYBKKBagel
  • Take a picture and post it on your social media!
  • Hashtag #BagelItForward and #NYBKKBagel
  • Tag @volks.dst and @WildNatureArtisan
  • 9 THB will be donated to Kao Kin Kan (9 กิน กัน) by Food For Fighters
  • The more you post the more money for charity!
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