The Foundry x Gastronomer Lifestyle Presents: The Pickwicks Chronicles & Friends

Written by Gastronomer Lifestyle

June issue ‘Dessert’, 2023 

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To celebrate the grand opening of The Pickwicks Chronicles, Gabriel has teamed up with The Foundry Asia and Gastronomer Lifestyle. They’re set to host an epic evening, uniting the talents of Asia’s 50 Best Bars, along with esteemed friends from Hong Kong and Tokyo. Joining the festivities will be renowned figures featuring Nikita Mateev (#47 Asia’s 50 Best, The Old Man HK), Holly Graham (Ex 50 Best Academy, HK/Macay, Tokyo Confidential, Japan), Edgar Santilian (#58 Asia’s 50 Best, Honky Tonks HK), and Gagan Gurung (Tell Camelia, #22 Asia’s 50 Best), promising a night filled with celebration and revelry. 

25th January, 2024, 9pm onwards. 

Sponsored by: Rémy Martin, Cointreau, Perrier, The Botanist Gin and Naked Malt. RSVP IS ESSENTIAL

For interview requests and other media enquiries, please contact:
Germaine Woon
Founder & Marketing Director, The Foundry Asia (Hong Kong & Singapore)
+65 91016880
Address: 76/10 Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Opening Hours: Open everyday from

Ex Havana Social Beverage Director, Gabriel Gliga Unveils ‘The Pickwicks Chronicles’: A Gin-Focused Menu Arriving in Bangkok – January 2024″


Gabriel Gliga, a renowned figure in the international bartending scene, is set to unveil his latest creation ‘The Pickwicks Chronicles’ as he introduces a gin focus crafted menu to the public in January 2024. 

With over a decade of experience and a career that has left its mark across continents, Gabriel is set to make his mark on Bangkok’s vibrant bar culture. Gabriel started his career at Trader Viks in Qatar, impressing with his cocktail craftsmanship. His transition to Dubai Treehouse marked a new era, blending innovation and hospitality in upscale venues, solidifying his status as a mixology visionary. 

However, it was his role as the General Manager and Beverage Director at Havana Social under the aegis of Soho Hospitality that truly etched his name in the annals of cocktail history. A dynamic leader, Gabriel redefined the very essence of Havana Social’s beverage program and hospitality, celebrating it’s well-loved go-to spot in Bangkok. Hiis participation in guest shifts at celebrated bars across the 50 Best Asia Bars has left a mark on the ever-evolving world of mixology. Gabriel’s latest project, Pickwicks Bar, opened its doors in early January 2024. This establishment invites patrons to step into the enchanting universe of Charles Dickens’ literary iconic book, “The Pickwick Papers.” Transporting guests to the vibrant setting of 19th-century London, Pickwicks Bar offers a captivating array of cocktails that pay homage to the unforgettable characters and enduring narratives of Dickens’ timeless work.

Every libation on the meticulously crafted menu at Pickwicks Bar is a tribute to the wit, charisma, and idiosyncrasies of Mr. Pickwick, Mr. Winkle, Mr. Snodgrass, and the cherished figures that have captivated readers for generations. The bar’s specialization in gin and martinis offers an immersive journey through Victorian-era England with each sip. Open every day from 6 pm till late, Pickwick’s Chronicles welcomes all enthusiasts—Dickensians and beyond—to partake in this literary experience that transcends time and genres.

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