Bangkok Cafe Guide 2021

Written by Christopher Menning | December 2, 2019

cafe neighbour cake and coffee

Best Cafes in Bangkok

Our list of the top must-visit cafes in Bangkok. 

Exploring ancient temples, bartering down prices in sprawling markets and walking in sweltering heats can sometimes leave you exhausted in the city of Bangkok. 

We need a cafe that can hide us from the day, fuel our energy with highly caffeinated beverages and sweet treats. 

Bangkok has its fair share of awesome coffee spots and beautifully designed cafes, but some deserve more than a special mention and visit. 

These cafes go above the bar to bring you excellently farmed, roasted and brewed coffee giving you the journey of bean to cup all in your morning brew. Many of these cafes champion Thai produce and are visionaries in leading coffee culture in Bangkok.

cafe neighbour cake and coffee
Cafe Neighbour, Bangkok.

We chose our coffee spots based on their sourcing and care of each bean.

Many of the cafes listed source Arabica coffee from the Northern parts of Thailand.

Many also roast their beans on-site and a few even own a plantation! If you care about your coffee, then these places will feed your desire for that perfect cup.

We know that good coffee is part of a package. Make sure to bring a camera to these hotspots so your Instagram schedule will be packed with vibrant colours and wood furnishings.

While not all of our choices have breakfast or lunch options, the majority of our choices make their bakery and cakes too.

Our Top Cafes in Bangkok 2021.


Roots cafe in Sathorn bangkok
Bangkok Cafe Guide 2021.

Roots cafe is renowned for being one of Bangkok’s finest coffee roasters. With two locations in the city, Sathorn and Thonglor, it has fast become a leader in showing what a community driven cafe can be. The Thonglor location is settled in the heart of The Commons concept mall. 

The roasters source coffee from the region and are at the forefront of promoting Thai coffee and supporting local diversity. They champion every part of the process and sell beans by the bag for you to try at home. The Roots at Sathorn is a great location too with an industrial chic layout.

Cafe Neighbour

cafe neighbour coffee shop
Bangkok Cafe Guide 2021.

Cafe Neighbor offers great coffee at great prices when strolling around the Sathorn area. Take a break from walking in this insta ready cafe. They also have a great selection of cakes, waffles and sandwiches to feed your lunchtime cravings. Great care is taken into making every cup and you can tell the staff are proud to make your morning brew. 

Alongside the perfect brew, they have a great selection of breakfast & lunch treats such as ham & cheese croissants packed sandwiches, banana bread and waffles with honey & butter. It’s a pretty small space but you can find it by the coffee sign on the door with the words “you can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee and that’s close enough”. We couldn’t agree more.

Read the full Cafe Neighbhour Bangkok profile here. 

Elefin Coffee

elefin coffee cafe latte art
Bangkok Cafe Guide 2021.

Elefin cafe is located a short walk from the Grand Palace and is a great place to catch a morning brew. Founded on a passion for Thai coffee, Elefin cafe has enjoyed a 10-year tenure of serving a great brew. Their Arabica coffee beans are sourced from a place named Elephant mountain or Doi Chang. 

We love to sit here before heading to the river and seeing the temples. The cafe even has a bed and breakfast ao if you are planning a day of sightseeing this may be the best place to sleep so everything is on your doorstep. 

Not to mention with views such as the temple of dawn when you wake up with your cup of joe in hand. Elefin really cares about every process of coffee making and support & source the finest Thai arabica coffee beans, from the native hill tribes of the north.

Read the full Elefin Coffee Bangkok profile here. 

Invisible Coffee Room
Invisible coffee house bar area
Bangkok Cafe Guide 2021.

It’s funny how a cafe named Invisible can be easily missed if you don’t look hard enough. Tucked down soi 25 by the exchange tower and a quick walk from Asoke BTS is a delightful cafe which teleports you into a world of great coffee and soft on the eye furnishings.

Owner Thanpong is usually found hand grinding single-origin coffee and the team of super friendly staff are always grinning. it’s a small cafe so you can expect it to get busy during the business lunch rush but if you find a spot keep it and watch the world go by for a bit in peace. Alongside the drink offerings they have 3 yummy hot sandwiches to eat with the pesto, chicken and mozzarella being far too tasty for comfort! Alongside a range of expertly made hot beverages, you can find some rejuvenating ice teas and lattes.

Read the full Invisible Coffee Room Bangkok profile here. 

invisible coffee room iced latte
Iced Flat White, Invisible Coffee Room.


latte in coffeeology cafe
Bangkok Cafe Guide 2021.

Being in the shopping mecca of Thailand and buying bag loads of designer clothes can be tiring. Coffeeology offers a little caffeinated pick up to carry on the spending galore. You will find the unique coffee spot in Central Embassy mall with a beautiful counter and coffee farm illustrations on the walls. The owner has his own coffee plantation in the North Thailand district of Chiang Dao.

It’s nice to know that every bean has been taken care of from plant to cup. Alongside the normal hot cuppas they have some pretty special cold offerings with ‘White `Cloud’ and ‘Black Cloud’ being particularly Instagram photo-worthy. 

latte art at Kaizen cafe bangkok
Bangkok Cafe Guide 2021.

A team of experienced baristas with owner Arnun at the front has brought Melbourne coffee and brunch culture to the top of Ekkami. Their new venue is a beautiful, hip two-story building clad in floor to ceiling windows and striking neutral tone interior. Kaizen lets its ethos be centre of betterment. The team constantly strives to serve its coffee and food in the best way.

Scientific experimentation led them to bring ‘100% Nitrogen infused Cold Brew’ to Bangkok and all latte art is designed with expert craftsmanship. Alongside an incredible food menu, you can see why their core value stands as “Innovation and Hospitality”.

Read the full Kaizen Profile here.

Wallflower Cafe

Wallflower cafe interior
Bangkok Cafe Guide 2021.

This florist turned cafe is an Instagrammers paradise. The whole venue screams hipster hangout and even the cakes and beverages are meticulously crafted to look pleasant. Mind the busy lunchtime crowds and plan accordingly because at the weekend it’s not unusual to be cueing.

Coffee and cake are served on gold plates and the options are scrumptious! We chose red velvet cake with Hazelnut coffee ice cream float. We recommend missing the weekend crowds and head over on the weekday instead to get the full experience and enjoy coffee surrounded by flowers. 

La Mesa

coffee shop interior at la mesa
Bangkok Cafe Guide 2021.

Owned by American couple Mr and Mrs Ford, This modern approach to New Mexican, USA style coffee & Brunch is refreshing and well placed in the Bang Na area. La Messa Coffee Co is a neighbourhood cafe located right next to the BTS Udom Suk. They collaborate with a local roastery to offer two blends which they use in that amazing range of drinks.

Mayan Mocca & Strawberry cold brew is our favourite. Alongside the amazing drinks, we fully recommend not eating until you arrive because the food is outstanding. House-made cakes and Cookies are paired with waffles, Mexican omelettes and full fry ups.

What did you think of our list?

We love feedback and we especially love findng out about places that we don’t know about but deserve some recognition. Give us a comment if there is a cafe we missed and stay tuned for our next round up of the Best Brunch in Bangkok

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