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From Tokyo to Bangkok: Den Kushi Flori

Written by Gastronomer Lifestyle

August ‘The Japanese Issue’, 2023

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First opened in Shibuya, in 2020, as a collaboration between two Japanese culinary maestros, Den Kushi Flori combines the best of Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa’s kaiseki cuisine, as showcased at his two-Michelin starred Tokyo restaurant Den, and the French flair of Chef Hiroyasu Kawate of Florilège (another two-Michelin starred Tokyo restaurant), with a third component of Japanese skewered cuisine—hence “Den Kushi Flori”, kushi referring to skewers. For their restaurant, the two chefs had a vision of raising the bar of innovative dining with a passion for skewers serving as their canvas for creativity. Coming up with gourmet inventions such as “Boudin Noir Apples”, where salty fried pig’s blood is coated in fine apple shavings, Den Kushi Flori was awarded a Michelin star a little after a year of opening.

From left to right: Chefs Hasegawa, Kawate, and Shimizu
From left to right: Chefs Hasegawa, Kawate, and Shimizu

After the success of their joint venture in Tokyo and recognising the Thai demand for authentic, elevated Japanese experiences, Hasegawa and Kawate’s restaurant has now opened another branch at the Erawan Bangkok, helmed by their esteemed colleague Chef Susumu Shimizu. Plucked directly from the original branch, Chef Shimizu was instrumental in earning the restaurant its Michelin star and brings with him to Bangkok plenty of leadership and world-class kitchen experience.

The new chapter of Den Kushi Flori mirrors the original’s atmosphere of subdued lighting and dark yet warm tones. The main dining area features a U-shaped counter that accommodates up to 18 guests. Additionally, there is a private dining room for a maximum party of six.

Gastronomer Lifestyle_Den Kushi Flori BKK

Due to the restaurant’s solid reputation among foodies, the Bangkok branch is already booked out for the month of August, and readers will have to plan a visit for further dates. For now, diners have two menus to look forward to: A five-course lunch menu (2,800++ baht) highlighting wakame with fromage blanc, deep fried taro with bisque soup, steamed chicken with Japanese leek, clay pot rice with sweet corn and wagyu beef, and a dessert of either caramel pudding or daifuku mochi; or the seven-course dinner menu (3,500++ baht), which adds two more courses of refreshing spring rolls and foie gras chawanmushi.

Den Kushi Flori Bangkok locates at LG Floor, Erawan Bangkok, 494 Phloen Chit Road. The restaurant opens from Wednesday–Monday, noon–2:30pm, 6–10pm.
For more information, call 02-022-0200.

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