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Mia Restaurant launches
Summer Menu

Written by Christopher Menning 

June 25, 2022

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We had the opportunity to test out Mia’s new summer menu and we like the changes. The latest seven-course meal features premium ingredients from around the world, as well as those sourced locally.

In an attempt to provide further excellence, Top & Michelle are moving to tablecloths and more intimate service for dining, but don’t expect this to be a stuffy atmosphere. Throughout the meal, the duo deliver their dishes frequently and their fun characters and humour shine through.

There are several star dishes you can look forward to at the restaurant. Such as the North Sea Crab dish with Ajo Blanco sauce and paper-thin sliced Grapes. This dish is a perfect example of Mia’s excellent presentation skills.

Crab dish at mia restaurant

Across Bangkok’s fine dining spectrum, there seems to be a trend for Duck, and Mia’s version does not disappoint. Served in a navy blue cooking pot before being sliced up, the main course looks very impressive and theatrical. Served with Red Endives, Summer Apples, and Blackberries the Hay Aged Duck is fruity, rich, and offers tender meat. Including a glass of consomme to wash it all down.

hay aged duck at mia restaurant new summer menu

As usual, Chef Michelle treats us with playful desserts like her famous Mia’s Cereal Bowl. Rhubarb is now in season and plays a big role in the Almond Financier course presented in four different ways, poached, gel, compote and rhubarb sorbet all served with Cheesecake Cream.

We are very happy to see other Mia classics kept on the menu such as the four delightful snacks at the start of the meal. This time being Ostra Regal Oyster with Umeboshi, Shisho and Yuzu. Lobster Tart with Sauce Choron and Green Apple, followed by Squid Ink Tuile, Taramasalata and Ikura. Smoked Pork Jowl, Romesco, and Capsicum Jelly. Finally, the Foie Gras with Sauternes and Prune.

seasonal rhubarb dessert on white plate

Diners can opt for a wine pairing experience of five glasses that have been perfectly curated to complement the dishes and grant diners a look and feel of Mia’s carefully selected wine cellar – composed of more than 115 labels of old and new age wines from all over the world.

Seven-course tasting menu is priced at 4,550 ++ baht
Five-course tasting menu is priced at 3,550++ baht
Wine pairing ( 5 glasses) is priced at 2,250 ++ baht

Recognising the importance of vegetarian and vegan diets, Mia offers a five-course tasting menu as well. The plant-based and vegetarian culinary journey is priced at 3,150 ++ baht. 

Head over to Mia restaurant’s website to reserve your space today. 

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