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Playroom Unveils
New Cocktail Line-Up

Written by Gastronomer Lifestyle

24th February, 2024 

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Playroom, the saucy speakeasy nestled in Ekamai by Chef Jay – Sainisa Sangsingkeaw, is igniting this year with the debut of its latest cocktail selection. Embracing a return to simplicity while maintaining the essence of Playroom’s identity, the new line-up beckons cocktail enthusiasts to embark on a journey of flavors. Indulge in offerings like the Stolen Kiss, Summer Fling, Pool Boy, Boulevard Saint Germain, Second Date and Lisa which uses Short Story White Rum, Galliano, Amaretto, Apple, Lemon with Parmesan ice cream.

Beyond libations, Playroom entices patrons with delectable bar snacks and comforting cuisine.

More than just a living room, Playroom epitomizes a whimsical space where guests can revel in expertly crafted beverages, unwind, and relish moments of seclusion. The ambiance exudes an air of mystery—sensual and opulent, shrouded in intrigue.

 Adorned in red, gold, and black, the interior boasts playful nuances, including a discreet entrance camouflaged among a wall of drawers. Behind this clandestine portal lies an elegant bar meticulously adorned with chains, whips, and handcuffs, exuding an aura of indulgence. 

The bar counter, reminiscent of a sensuous corset, is bathed in mesmerizing light—a captivating backdrop for enjoying cocktails, champagne, or a velvety glass of whiskey. Dominating the space is the neon sign “You are My Favorite Dirty Thought,” Playroom’s cheeky mantra that underscores its playful and alluring charm

.Playroom opens daily from 18.00 hrs – late.
2 nd Floor (above Restaurant Stage), Ekamai Complex (between Soi Ekamai 19 & 21), Sukhumvit 63
Tel: 080-278-7808 Line: playroom.bkk
Instagram: @playroom.bkk

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