Jim Thompson x GranMonte Announce Exclusive Wine Collaboration

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31 January 2024 

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Asia’s iconic lifestyle brand, Jim Thompson, joins forces with GranMonte in a groundbreaking collaboration to introduce an exquisite wine collection, heralding a new era of culinary excellence for the renowned brand. This venture marries Jim Thompson’s culinary finesse with GranMonte’s expertise in viticulture, spotlighting a shared dedication to innovation and quality in the gastronomy sphere.

The Jim Thompson X GranMonte Collection debuts with two exceptional wines: the Jim Thompson X GranMonte Syrah and the Jim Thompson X GranMonte Verdelho. The robust Syrah boasts flavors of ripe raspberry and blackcurrant culminating in a tantalizing vanilla oak finish, while the crisp Verdelho presents an aromatic blend of gooseberry, passion fruit, and subtle flinty undertones.

Setting a new standard in wine presentation, Jim Thompson’s inaugural collection showcases distinctive label designs inspired by Thai silk motifs. Drawing from Jim Thompson’s iconic “The Icon of Siam” scarf, the labels depict the majestic Chao Phraya River and Thailand’s cultural marvels in vibrant red and earth tones for the Syrah, and soothing blue hues for the Verdelho. Complementing the labels, the wine bottles feature ornate trims sourced from Jim Thompson Home Furnishings, with specially crafted 100% silk wine bags adding a touch of luxury and making them perfect gifts.

GranMonte, helmed by Visootha ‘Nikki’ Lohitnavy, Thailand’s first qualified oenologist, exemplifies sustainable practices and innovative winemaking techniques tailored to the unique terroir of Khao Yai. Situated in the picturesque Asoke Valley near the UNESCO-listed Khao Yai National Park, GranMonte’s vineyard has garnered international acclaim and multiple accolades, including the prestigious “Best National Producer – Thailand” by AWC Vienna.

Joan Tana Dot, Food and Beverage Director of Jim Thompson, emphasizes the collaboration’s significance in enriching customer experiences and showcasing Thai excellence. She envisions the collection not only as a testament to Jim Thompson’s lifestyle brand but also as a platform to support local Thai brands and communities.

jim Thompson-x-GranMonte-gastronomer-lifestyle

At Jim Thompson’s culinary wing Executive Chef Pepe Dasí Jiménez has curated a tantalizing menu perfectly complementing the wines. Diners can indulge in a culinary journey featuring dishes expertly paired with the exclusive vintages, such as Sourdough toast with grilled local eggplant and tomato relish, Miang Kham Iberico, and a unique Deep-Fried Lotus Root creation with salted egg sauce.

Suvisooth ‘Mimi’ Lohitnavy, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at GranMonte, highlights, “This partnership with Jim Thompson signifies a fusion of tradition and innovation, as we bring the essence of our vineyard to a wider audience through Jim Thompson. Our collective efforts have culminated in a special wine collection and label that embodies the rich terroir of our estate and the intricate beauty of Thai silk. We are thrilled to offer connoisseurs a taste that encapsulates the spirit of Thailand’s craftsmanship and GranMonte’s wine making excellence”

For reservations and more information, please contact: 02-612-3601

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