Tenuta Viglione Launch in Bangkok

Tenuta Viglione launches
its premium organic wines in Bangkok

Written by Gastronomer Lifestyle
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May 31, 2023

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Italian winery Tenuta Viglione made a grand entrance into the Thai wine market back in April, hosting an event at the Sofitel Sukhumvit Hotel, inviting traders and wine enthusiasts to experience a selection of the winery’s premium organic wines.

Family-run since 1937, Tenuta Viglione shifted focus towards organic winemaking practices in the 1980s and has since cultivated a reputation for limited production on their expansive 160-hectare estate. Nestled in the southeastern region of Italy known as Puglia, specifically in the esteemed Gioia del Colle PDO area, the winery’s vineyards sit at an average altitude of 400 metres above sea level. This unique location experiences significant temperature variations between day and night, imparting a pronounced acidity to the wines. Furthermore, the clayey and calcareous soil in the area contributes to the wines’ distinctive minerality.

Guests at the Tenuta Viglione launch in Bangkok 2023

The exceptional qualities of Tenuta Viglione’s wines were on full display during the event in Bangkok. The Verdeca Maioliche 2021, for instance, showcased a remarkable fresh, tangy, and mineral palate. It exhibited the characteristic aromas of aromatic herbs, along with notes of citrus and peach. The wine’s bright straw-yellow colour, tending towards golden, added to its allure.

Another highlight was the Nero di Troia 2021 from the same collection. This wine began with a typical ruby red hue and gracefully evolved to a garnet shade as it aged. It boasted rich and spicy aromas reminiscent of blackberry and cherry, captivating the senses with its full-bodied and enchanting flavour profile. 

A surprise addition to the tasting lineup was the Susumaniello Morso Rosso 2021, a noteworthy inclusion from the winery’s esteemed “Prestige” collection. This wine stood out with its vibrant and punchy aromatics, offering hints of cherry, violet, and black olive. Its big and bold style, accompanied by taut acidity and refined tannins, resulted in an exquisite and well-balanced wine.

Wine enthusiasts mingle at the launch of Tenuta Viglione in Bangkok 2023

Notably, all three wines were crafted exclusively from native Apulian grapes, which are relatively uncommon in Thailand. While the showcased wines are already available in select restaurants and hotels in Thailand, Tenuta Viglione has set its sights on expanding their presence in the coming months. Their goal is to offer a wider range of red, rosé, and sparkling wines, ensuring a more extensive selection for wine enthusiasts throughout the country.

Tenuta Viglione wines
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