Inddee Indian fine dining restaurant interior

The Illuminating Curves of Inddee

Written by Gastronomer Lifestlye 

March Design Issue 

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Located in Soi Langsuan, Inddee might be a new dining concept, but it occupies a venue that’s been around longer than any of us. Seeking to frame the restaurant’s elevated Indian cuisine in an ethereal and uncomplicated manner, the owners had the century-old property renovated with the concept of simplicity, spirituality, and reflectiveness in mind. 

Matteo Messervy, who is recognised in particular for his lighting design, was hired for landscaping and illumination, as well as the interior decor. As the venue was already blessed with a lush green space and large shady trees—some more than 50 years old—the landscaper added a few details to accentuate the potential that was already present. Ferns, fountains, and even some mist courtesy of a fog machine were added to create a greater sense of enchantment before entering into the restaurant. As a lighting artist, Matteo specifically designed the outdoor lighting to pixelate nature and used angles and fractal geometries to relate the exterior to the interiors.

Inddee restaurant archway

Inside, lighting, curves, and reflective materials play off each other’s vibes. Highlighted in the restaurant’s branding through to its furnishing and architecture, curves are one of the main motifs of Inddee, offering a sense of warmth and comfort, as opposed to harsh edges. The interior lighting design by Messervy further welcomes us in, creating the illusion of a “floating ceiling” as well as adding some lightness to the restaurant’s iconic metallic arches.

Another standout of Inddee’s interior stylings are all the artworks capturing India’s rich cultural heritage and philosophies. The restaurant’s foyer welcomes guests with Bhaskar Rao’s mural of Lord Ganesh, emphasising the importance of spirituality. Deeper inside, guests can admire a signature piece by Jagganath Paul depicting passionate love and on the upper level, an expressive work by Prakash Ghadge reflecting nature through the eyes. The house’s relaxing eggshell-coloured walls provide a clean canvas for all the artwork to pop.

Once guests are past the striking arbour, archways, and artworks and find their seats, simplicity with a touch of intrigue peeps through in details like tableware and napkin. As Indian cuisine is seldom described as simple and minimalistic, the intent here was to create a juxtaposition to reinforce the team’s belief that the food is the star of the show and should be celebrated as such.

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