Chefs from the top restaurants, assembled at the Italian fine dining restaurant La Scala at The Sukhothai Bangkok, waited anxiously the announcement all hoping their hard work and dedication will be recognized and rewarded. Cheers erupted and smiles illuminate faces, as a collective sense of accomplishment filled the room.

The highly anticipated 2023 selection of the top 25 restaurants in Bangkok highlighting the best restaurants in the Thai capital. 

This year’s awards recognise the achievements of Bangkok’s best 25 restaurants, chosen and ranked by the Restaurant Rating Index, an objective curation and measuring standard based on artificial intelligence and enhanced by professional discernment.

TOP25 2023 Best Restaurants Bangkok Sorn

Sorn restaurant took the city’s top position for fine dining. Sorn is helmed by chef Supaksorn ‘Ice’ Jongsiri, preparing fine Southern Thai cuisine focusing on local seafood enhanced with local ingredients and spices. The celebrated Thai eatery was closely followed by Chef’s Table and Mezzaluna, the two restaurants share the second position and both are located at lebua, the world’s first luxury vertical destination. In third and fourth position two internationally recognized restaurants for French fine dining, Savelberg and Côte by Mauro Colagreco.

Ten restaurants were newly awarded and included in the top 25, among them Maison Dunand by 2-star Michelin chef Arnaud Dunand, Wang Hinghoi serving deconstructed Thai food while watching a firefly show, and Juksunchae, the first Korean fine dining in Bangkok, which you can read our review here.

Juksunchae Korean Fine Dining

THE TOP25 RESTAURANTS IN BANGKOK – Ranked by the Restaurant Rating Index

  1. Sorn, Southern Thai Cuisine
  2. Chef’s Table, French Fine Dining AND Mezzaluna, Experiential European
  3. Savelberg, French Fine Dining
  4. Côte by Mauro Colagreco, Innovative French
  5. Potong, Progressive Thai-Chinese
  6. Le Du, Modern Thai
  7. Gaa, Progressive Indian
  8. R-Haan, Royal Thai
  9. Baan Tepa, Modern Thai
  10. Sühring, Modern German
  11. IGNIV, Progressive European
  12. Blue by A. Ducasse, Classic French
  13. Aksorn by David Thompson, Traditional Thai
  14. Le Normandie by Alain Roux, French Fine Dining
  15. Sushi Masato, Omakase
  16. Signature, Floral Cuisine
  17. Yu Ting Yuan, Cantonese
  18. Maison Dunand, French Contemporary
  19. Elements, Modern French
  20. Vilas, Classic Thai
  21. La Scala, Italian Fine Dining
  22. Juksunchae, Modern Korean
  23. Resonance, Boundless Cuisine
  24. Wang Hinghoi, Deconstructed Thai
  25. Keller, Contemporary European
Go check out all these restaurants in Bangkok, one of the top gastronomy destinations for gourmets and gourmands, and let your taste buds experience dining like they’ve never before.
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