Villa Toscana:
A Hidden Italian Gem in Bangna

Critique by Christopher Menning

November 4th 2023 

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I was pleasantly surprised when I ventured quite a distance to find a hidden gem for Italian food lovers in Bangna. Villa Toscana, a charming establishment, managed to exceed my expectations and check most of the boxes.

Upon entering Villa Toscana, you might initially question whether you’ve stepped into someone’s home or a restaurant. But rest assured, it is indeed a restaurant. Once the initial surprise of possibly trespassing subsides, you’ll quickly settle into the warm and cozy atmosphere.

Despite its remote location on the outskirts of the city, Villa Toscana serves some of the finest Italian cuisine you can find. Everything here is lovingly homemade, crafted with the finest Italian ingredients, including treasures like Giuseppe Giusti Modena balsamic vinegar, which I can only describe as liquid gold. The place feels like a welcoming living room with its wooden furniture and comforting decor.

To start, I indulged in a seemingly simple burrata salad, which turned out to be anything but ordinary. Creamy, gooey burrata cheese was delicately placed on a bed of cherry tomatoes, red onions, and a delightful addition of mint leaves, all drizzled with olive oil. Frankly, I could eat that every day!


We then savored a colorful hand-rolled tortellini dish, generously filled with ricotta and spinach, cooked to al dente perfection and portioned just right. The pizza was an absolute delight, and although I had to take some of it home, the slices I enjoyed that evening were a heavenly combination of Parma ham and cheese on a 60-hour natural fermentation sourdough with a wonderfully crunchy crust.

To cap off this delightful meal, a beautifully presented Tiramisu left me completely satisfied. Even though I was already full, I couldn’t resist finishing every last bite.

With Chef-owner Marco, a leading culinary creative responsible for Wine Connections’ popular menu, it’s no wonder that the food at Villa Toscana is of such superb restaurant quality. For those curious to witness his culinary talents in action, he’s set to make an appearance in a one-on-one battle on the popular TV show, Iron Chef, scheduled for December 23rd.

In all honesty, my visit to Villa Toscana was a genuinely pleasant surprise. The hospitality was sincere, and the food was a resounding success. While it might be quite a trek for a city nomad like myself, I can’t help but imagine that if I were a resident of Bangna, I’d frequent this tiny slice of Italy more than just a few times a month.

Villa Toscana Italian Restaurant
Address: 128 Lasalle 11 Alley, Bang Na Tai, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260
Phone: 082 277 6534

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