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‘Chefs Uncut,’ Now on Netflix

Written by Gastronomer Lifestyle

June 5th, 2024

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CreatorsLab proudly announces the acquisition of its cinematic documentary series, ‘Chefs Uncut,’ by major international platforms. Netflix and SBS Australia have secured distribution rights for the series, set to premiere on Netflix Southeast Asia on Friday, 1 March 2024.

‘Chefs Uncut’ delves into the untold stories of six renowned chefs across Southeast Asia, offering an in-depth exploration of their inspirations and challenges. From Michelin-starred luminaries to rising stars, the series showcases their creativity and dedication to the culinary craft.

Season one features acclaimed chefs such as:

LG Han – Owner of Labyrinth, a Michelin-starred restaurant based in Singapore, renowned for its innovative and boundary-pushing cuisine.
Chef Ton – Head Chef at Le Du and Nusara in Bangkok, recognized as one of Asia’s top chefs for his inventive Thai cuisine.
Chef Pam – Esteemed chef at POTONG in Bangkok, known for her innovative approach to Thai cuisine.
Janice Wong – Award-winning pastry chef and owner of 2AM Dessert Bar in Singapore, celebrated for her artistic and whimsical desserts.
Bjorn Shen – Renowned chef behind Smalls & Artichoke in Singapore, known for his bold and eclectic culinary creations.
Jordy Navarra – Chef and owner of Toyo Eatery in Manila, honored as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, celebrated for his modern Filipino cuisine.

Each episode unveils a chef’s unique culinary style and personal journey, from bustling city streets to remote villages, celebrating the rich cultural heritage and flavors of Asia.

Jon Lister, CEO and Co-founder of CreatorsLab, expressed excitement about bringing ‘Chefs Uncut’ to a global audience, highlighting the exceptional talents of Asian chefs and the diverse culinary landscapes of the region.

The idea for the documentary emerged during the quiet days of COVID-19 and evolved into a passion project centered on Singapore’s LG Han. The unexpected interest from Netflix and others underscores the growing recognition of Asia’s culinary innovation.

Watch the premiere of ‘Chefs Uncut’ on Netflix Southeast Asia from 1 March 2024, and witness the captivating stories behind Asia’s best chefs.

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