Take a Sip Around Bangkok at ABAR Rooftop Gastronomer Lifestyle

Take a Sip Around Bangkok
All in One Place at ABAR Rooftop

Written by Tatshaya Bussayakittikorn

Jul 25, 2023

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Inspired by eight of Bangkok’s many districts, the creative minds behind ABAR Rooftop, located on the 38th floor of the Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park,  have crafted 12 new cocktails representing the history and unique charms of the capital city.

Here’s what to expect:

Big Swing_Muay Thai Smash_Krung Thep_Chulalongkorn Creamy Rose_ABAR_Gastronomer Lifestyle

Phra Nakhon

Discover the taste of Bangkok’s most historic district through four cocktails. 

Big Swing (top left), inspired by the iconic landmark, is a bespoke cocktail highlighting flavours of Monkey Shoulder Whiskey and Thai Red Bull.

Meanwhile, Muay Thai Smash (top right), a Thai rum-based cocktail, pays homage to the country’s first Muay Thai stadium, Rajadamnern. 

On the bottom left, Krung Thep, the glistening green, gin-based cocktail features coconut, pandan, and chilli, reflecting a few of the common flavours of the street cuisine in the area.

And lastly, the Chulalongkorn Creamy Rose (bottom right), is a gin-based cocktail infused with rose water, which takes inspiration from Pak Klong Talad, the city’s famous flower market.

Neoclassic Brutalism_Import Export_ABAR_Gastronomer Lifestyle

Bang Rak

The Bang Rak district of Bangkok is known for its many historic buildings, such as the Grand Postal Building and Old Customs House. These two iconic structures are reflected on ABAR’s Bang Rak section of the menu with two distinct cocktails.

 First, Neoclassic Brutalism (left) offers a strong, earthy and uncompromising blend of premium scotch and rye whiskeys, peanut butter, saffron, and bitters to evoke the brutalist architecture of the Grand Postal Building as well as its mythical symbol Krut.

Then, Import Export (right) takes us to the Old Customs House with a sophisticated mixture of Phraya Elements rum, Irish whiskey, Italian Averna, and French absinthe.

New World Mall ABAR Rooftop Gastronomer Lifestyle

Bang Lam Phu

The New World Mall, a once popular destination for shoppers, is now an abandoned landmark only visited by adventurous souls. This bright blue glass of libation was inspired by the unusual home of a koi pond, at the bottom of the mall’s main escalators. In this glass of New World Mall, find a mixture of gin, Blue Curacao, bonito flakes, and more unexpected ingredients.

60-Baht-Ticket-Or-So ABAR Rooftop Gastronomer Lifestyle


60-Baht-Ticket-Or-So, this tall glass of premium Glenfiddich Scotch whiskey and black sesame, will transport you to Chinatown’s historic Rama Cinema, built in the 1950s. Get in the movie-watching mode with a popcorn garnish, and get lucky with the traditional red token containing a Chinese proverb hidden inside.

Arrival ABAR Rooftop Gastronomer Lifestyle


The district that is home to Hua Lampong station, Bangkok’s historic railway terminal designed by Italian architects, is the inspiration behind Arrival. With Aperol mixed with an array of fruits and bitters, one sip should take you right to Italy.

Phra Khanong ABAR Rooftop Gastronomer Lifestyle

Phra Khanong

At the heart of this clear cocktail is the story of everlasting love that has been passed down for generations, “Mae Nak Phra Khanong”. The Phra Khanong cocktail is a blend of premium gin, lime, wine jelly, and seaweed, representing the riverside. The drink is also served with a magical piece of paper that will go up in flames, disappearing into the thin air.

Tacky Tacky ABAR Rooftop Gastronomer Lifestyle


ABAR wants you to experience the world’s largest weekend market through Tacky Tacky, a drink comprising tequila, Campari, sweet vermouth, cascara, and raw cocoa. An additional splash of Sarsi cola (a Thai version of cola) sends this drink to another level of locality and nostalgia, while the coconut husk cup has been sourced directly from Chatuchak Market itself.

Green Oasis ABAR Rooftop Gastronomer Lifestyle

Bang Kra Chao

The district is known for being the ‘green lungs’ of Bangkok with its lush nature is the inspiration behind Green Oasis, a concoction of tequila, orange liqueur, and organic elements such as coconut, citrus, and osmanthus, which give this cocktail a refreshing taste.

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