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Flour and Flowers: Q&A with Baker x Florist

Written by Mika Apichatsakol

June issue ‘Dessert’, 2023 

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Boasting top-quality ingredients, charming cake design, and an abundance of aesthetic florals, part-bakery and part-florist Baker x Florist has become a household name among Bangkok’s cutesy community. Further hyped up by their celebrity clientele—Lalisa from BlackPink recently celebrated her 26th birthday with two Baker x Florist cakes— the brand has been able to expand, adding a new location in town with a wider range of F&B offerings. 

Gastronomer Lifestyle chats with chef and co-founder Sawanya Ngamprasetchai about how the brand came to be, the local market, and what her lesser-known but favourite item on the menu is.

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Q: Could you tell us about how Baker x Florist came together and what the vision for it is?
A: We first opened Baker x Florist’s doors in October 2017 at our location in Rama 9. My co-founder Saimai and I wanted to open a cake and flower shop since they are both things we love and enjoy doing. We felt that we had a unique style at the time with our wildflower bouquets and dense chocolate cake. We believed in our products and wanted to share them with the world.

Q: What is your background in baking?
A: I never attended any culinary school, but I started baking when I was seven years old with my sister. I remember that she was making apple strudel and I was helping her in the kitchen. That was when I first fell for baking. In high school, I started selling my cakes during summer and Christmas time, making my first income from baking. Afterwards, I started going to cake-making demonstrations any chance I could and learning more from TV cooking shows to sharpen my skills.

Q: How do you come up with new recipes, designs, flavours, and ideas for your creations in general?
A: I basically go out and explore as much as I can, either from the internet, cookbooks, TV shows, or the new hype cafes that pop up every weekend in Bangkok. Sometimes, ideas even come to me out of nowhere!

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Q: What are some of Baker x Florist’s best-selling items?
A: Some of our best-sellers are the Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake Box, and the Lemon Tart.

Q: What is your personal favourite dessert on your menu and why?
A: My personal favourite on the menu is not very well-known to my customers, I reckon. It’s the cranberry English biscuits. I love this one, as I’m an ardent fan of good butter. The aroma of this biscuit is simply to die for! The texture is also incredible. It’s crusty on the outside but so soft, moist, and tender on the inside; they aren’t as dry and crumbly as scones. When I have them with jam, even more butter, and a cup of coffee, I feel like I’m taking a walk in Buckingham Palace’s garden in spring. It’s that grand of a feeling! 

Q: As a dessert-related business owner, is there anything you notice about the Thai market that you can share?
A: Customers are so much more open and knowledgeable now, compared to 2017 when we first opened. I definitely see that the local market is shifting towards a more sophisticated level of taste. People used to call in and complain about how my cakes have mold on them, when really it was just real vanilla bean. Now they call in to show their appreciation that we only use real vanilla bean and not the extract. One of my regulars once told me, “I know that you use really, really good butter. I can tell from just one bite.” I am so grateful that my efforts to put realness and quality first are recognised by my customers.

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Q: What do you feel has been your key to success over the years?
A: Consistency and maintaining a standard; my strong belief in my products; and teamwork!

Q: Any new news from Baker x Florist that you would like to share?
A: We have our new baby, Baker x Tea Bar, on Sathorn Soi 7! The special thing about this branch is that we serve a wider range of savoury dishes as well as cocktails—in addition to our focus on cakes and tea. So there’s something to satisfy all your needs, from dusk till dawn. On top of that, there are DJs spinning every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to keep you entertained. Please come check it out!

Baker x Florist Café
66 Soi 41 Rama 9 Road
Open daily 9am–6pm
090-669-5624 | Facebook | Instagram

Baker x Tea Bar
139/5 Sathorn Soi 7
Open Tuesday-Sunday 9am–11pm
080-328-5324 | Facebook | Instagram

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