Announcing the Exclusive Arrival of Japan’s Finest Gourmet Fruit: Yuzu Safari 2023 in Bangkok

The three-day gastronomic extravaganza. Yuzu Safari, has been in full effect celebrating Japan’s renowned gourmet fruit harvest. Following the resounding success of last year’s sold-out Yuzu Safari dinner at Park Hyatt Bangkok’s Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine, this year’s event promises an even more sensational experience.

Commenced on November 25, 2023, with a grand omakase dinner at Penthouse Bar + Grill, Yuzu Safari 2023 featured exquisite creations incorporating the fragrant and increasingly popular yuzu citrus from Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku Island. The menu showcased not only yuzu but also rare “Tosa Aka Ushi” wagyu beef and skillfully prepared mountain vegetables by Bangkok’s resident artisan chefs from Japan, Kenji Nakayama of Kenji’s Lab and Naoki Hayakawa of Kappo Yume. Chef Benn Rowe of Penthouse Bar + Grill joined forces with sake educator Teru Thongputchot to offer a delightful beverage pairing.

Following the spectacular opening event, on November 26, 2023, Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine hosted a unique Sunday brunch presented by Chef Ferran Tadeo, Chef de Cuisine, along with several prominent Spanish chefs in the city. The festivities will reach their zenith on November 27, 2023, with a 30-hand dinner at Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine, featuring an unparalleled lineup of Bangkok’s culinary maestros, each incorporating fresh yuzu into their dishes. The menu will be complemented by a bespoke beverage pairing curated by award-winning sommelier Jay Bottorff.

The reimagined “Yuzu Safari” is curated by publisher Mason Florence and Left Hand coffee roaster Dustin Joseph, with the support of Park Hyatt Bangkok’s General Manager Mark de Leeuwerk. Florence, inspired by his farmhouse in Japan’s Iya Valley, established an annual gourmet yuzu expedition, sharing his passion with chefs worldwide. This year, Chef Ferran of Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine will personally experience the yuzu harvest on Shikoku, with Jagi Films documenting his culinary exploration for the upcoming safari.

The final night’s feast will feature an international lineup of guest chefs from ten countries, collaborating with Chef Ferran and Park Hyatt Bangkok’s Pastry Chef Guillaume Coulbrant. The list includes culinary luminaries such as Garima Arora of GAA, Chet Adkins of Jua, Billy Bautista of Santiaga, and more. This night promises to be a celebration of the artful pursuit of dishes inspired by exquisite aromas—a safari dedicated to the sheer pleasure of flavor.

For more information or to reserve your table, please contact +66 2012 1234 or email


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